It’s that time of year again

UK people will know what I mean by the title,
it’s the return of “talent TV” season.
X-factor returned to our screens this weekend (how amazing was that teacher at the end?!)
and soon we’ll have Stricly Come Dancing back as well.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to share a teaser of the show with you guys (please join an orderly queue to thank me).

Exciting stuff, right?
I can’t wait to see the amazing costumes and what celebs we have in store this year.



18 comments for “It’s that time of year again

  1. i am also addicted to these kind of shows, in fact i was glued to Xfactor on saturday.. can’t wait for strictly though, its always lovely to see those floaty dresses xx

  2. I don’t watch X-factor but I’m over the moon with the return of Project Runway and Top Chef!!

  3. they showed that teacher on X-Factor on a couple of morning shows here in Australia today! He is already SO good that he’s becoming international news.
    You guys have way better TV shows than us.

  4. so excited this is going to be amazing, shame brendans not looking as good as he used to

  5. Good luck in becoming a journalist:)
    Would you like to follow my blog and I will follow yours?

  6. hi honey, how are you dear?
    I am usually addicted to X Factor but havent had the chance to tune into this years show yet but i should! I will try to catch the next.

  7. haha. funnily enough, i don’t watch much tv at all. except for some talk shows. Shame on me!

  8. Meg

    I’m super excited for the newest season of Project Runway!

  9. I love reality TV! cant wait to see the episodes


  10. this looks like a great show!

  11. Kb

    I love X factor, though wish they had the buzzers like Britains Got Talent! Some of these people are so deluded.

  12. Interesting…I’m not from the uk, but I do watch Skins. Have you heard if skins is doing a season 4?

  13. I always tell myself not to watch these things, and yet somehow I get drawn in. Though I’m not in the UK that often to get too addicted 😉

    Thanks for the recipes by the way – I have a sweet tooth as well so I’ll definitely be trying these out!

  14. I don’t like X-factor very much.. =)

    but do you know what i love??
    Thanks for share it!

    and thanks a lot for visit me!

  15. I find the British versions of these american shows (or is it the other way around? probably) to much more enjoyable and fun!