jack wills festival wish list

It might have been a good few years since I last headed to a festival but I still get a little bit excited when the season starts and the shops become full of laid back, summer attire perfect for dancing the night away in whilst wearing flowers in your hair. It might not be the first place to spring to mind when shopping for festival gear, but during my browsing I’ve found quite a few bits from Jack Wills for a weekend in a field looking cool yet practical.
First up we have this gorgeous and perfect for summer tee which is in the sale for £26. I really love the simplicity of this of this and it will be perfect under my next pick- these dungarees which are also in the sale at £34. Denim is a real festival staple and I love that with dungarees you can rock some of your favourite bikini tops or bra-lets without feeling too exposed.

Footwear wise I think you can’t go wrong with flip-flops as, although you might get wet feet in the rain you can at least hose the mud off! I’m loving this pink pair with the addition of the ankle straps which should solve the problem of having to hop back to your tent with only one shoe (I’ve lost many a flip-flop this way!)

I think the Alverton Duffle from the latest arrivals makes for the perfect festival bag. It’s laid back and secure and keeps your hands free to hold your yummy festival food or to dance like a mad lady. This would also be a really good bag for me in general for every day use so I probably wouldn’t hesitate in investing.

Wrist bands are a real festival staple and I know many friends who wear theirs until they fall off. I think I’d want to add a bit of sparkle among the paper and plastic and Jack Wills has some gorgeous festival-esque friendship bracelets starting at £5- this one is my favourite.

Last but not least, it may be summer but you can’t guarantee the weather and night time in a field gets chilly! A hoodie is an essential for any festival go-ers bag and with several in the sale at Jack Wills, such as this pink one I have my eye on there isn’t any excuse not to be snug!

Jack Wills isn’t somewhere I’ve ever bought very much from in the past but taking a closer look recently has opened my eyes to how much they actually do. I’ll be saving up some money for the next sale and stocking up for next Summer I think! What are your festival fashion essentials?


2 comments for “jack wills festival wish list

  1. I am a big fan of friendship bracelets for the summer.I like to wear loads at once. I haven’t invested in denim dungarees yet, but i can definitely see the appeal.

  2. This wish list is so perfectly dreamy! Ahh dancing the night away with flowers in hair sounds like paradise! I really adore the beautiful white tee, the print is so very cute 🙂 I’d love to give dungarees a shot sometime if I’m ever brave enough 😉 The hoodie is a must have too!

    I would say a maxi dress would definitely be my festival fashion essential, I’m obsessed with them! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo