Jubilant Jubilee

As someone with no plans for the Jubilee whatsoever (clearly my street doesn’t go in for parties) I was delighted when George at Asda got in touch asking if I’d like to take part in a blogger picnic. At first I had grand plans to throw a picnic out in the garden, but then the weather turned and it became a conservatory tea for one instead.

As part of the celebration, we were asked to pick a dress to represent a decade of the Queen’s reign. Being a tall girl with a penchant for all things swishy, I opted for this stunning maxi dress with 1970s summer of love in my mind. I teamed the dress with my blue suede wedges by Dune and settled down to drink tea from a celebration cup and saucer.

It should also be noted that Asda sent THE most beautiful selection of fudges…I left the plastic wrapping on as they were to be saved for a later date, but you can still marvel at the beauty!

What are you doing, if anything to celebrate the Jubilee? A lot of streets local to me are holding parties and everywhere you look (except for my road) there is bunting and flags galore! Clearly I live in an area of spoilsports…or it’s a sign that if you want something doing, you should damn well do it yourself!


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  1. LOVE that dress, the colours and the style really suit you! I think an inside tea party is going to be the best bet in this weather!

  2. The dresss is stunning. You look lovely. I really want a street party, or tea party- would be a good photo op too I think x

  3. You look amazing in that dress!! xx

  4. How very quaint!

    And love the teacup and dress 🙂

    Karys x

  5. That was so cute of them to send you the stuff – gorgeous dress! I love the packaging of the fudge.

    I’m going to a BBQ today (we’re Welsh, we’re used to BBQing in the rain!) and a street party tomorrow provided it isn’t cancelled due to the weather. xx

  6. I love the dress. It looks so nice on you.

    Yum @ the fudge! x

  7. I want to come over to enjoy a tea party with you. the dress is beautiful too.x

  8. You look lovely…fabulous dress!! Enjoy your day:)

  9. You look absolutely stunning Laura – enjoy that fudge, it looks awesome!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  10. You look amazing, the print of that dress really suits you! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  11. Your dress looks wonderful on you!

  12. Lovely dress and cute post. We are hoping to have a little Jubilee Tea Party! Probably indoors with this awful weather!

  13. Can’t decide if I’m more jealous of the dress or the fudge! You look ace.


  14. The fudge looks so colourful!

  15. You look stunning in this dress! Those fudges look great 🙂 x

  16. What a lovely idea, George at Asda! The fudges look great, you should most definitely indulge on this special occasion 😉 Love the bunting, and you look very sophisticated in your dress. I have yet to find a maxi that is short enough for me, but I adore the style.

    My street is lacking in bunting/parties too, but that suits me fine…just look at the weather! I’ll watch the Queen and her flotilla on the BBC instead, with a cup of tea in hand of course xx

  17. That fudge looks fudging awesome.

  18. Your dress is gorgeous!

  19. That fudge looks insanely good! Being an English gal lost in the USA i’m making sure to get my English fix watching all the celebrations on BBC America!

  20. Good choice of dress! You look preeetty!

  21. Hi i am your follower 1319 i hope you can follow me back
    Thanks and kisses from sain

  22. I love it! Your dress, your hair and your surroundings look wonderfully British. The colours and patterns are lovely. Even the pose with you having tea is perfect. The only thing missing is a few scrumptious crumpets on each of the plates and perhaps some butter. The Asda fudges look beautiful and delicious. I hope you have some nice munchies and enjoy the celebration. I agree wholeheartedly that if your immediate neighbors aren’t participating you may as well go ahead and add to the celebration yourself. Happy Jubilee!

  23. That dress is beautiful! It looks amazing on you.

  24. wow that dress is stunning, it really suits you! Love the colour with your hair colour 🙂
    I’m working all over the jubilee but I’m going to do some jubilee themed nail art 😀
    Love Holz oxo

  25. This is so sweet and gorgeous. It is all set out so nicely. I adore your dress so much. It is perfect for you. Love the print and the colours. It is definitely one of my favourite outfits of yours.

  26. It’s such a shame that the weather couldn’t hold out for a few more days. A conservatory tea us a great idea! I love the dress you selected, I am loving maxi dresses this summer!

  27. Gorgeous dress and that fudge had me drooling! Gosh. Indoors is definitely the place to be at the moment, it’s supposed to be a bit nicer in the north tomorrow. Hopefully it’s nicer there for you too =)

  28. That dress looks great on you!

  29. I think you have the same bunting as us!
    The fudge looks yummy, is that for sale in Asda??

  30. Mat

    all set for the days ahead

  31. That dress looks amazing on you!

  32. Shame it wasn’t sunny for you, but tea for one looks great. The dress is stunning and the fudge looks scrummy too. You have been spoilt, in a good way.

    Our street has been boring too, but some people do have a few flags out.

    X x

  33. Great Blog, really unique!


  34. First off, you look absolutely stunning and elegant and wonderful!

    That party sounds marvelous and that fudge is seriously impressive. I wish I could have a bite myself!


  35. That’s a beautiful dress! And that fudge looks nom. We’re having a street party but I’m not looking forward to standing outside in the rain haha xxx

  36. Very cute photos, love your dress! xx

  37. ah, to be tall like you!
    Fudge – what a treat!

  38. Laura you look absolutely gorgeous, I love that maxi dress on you and how kind of ASDA to ask you to take part – the fudge looks delicious too! xxx

  39. Your dress is beautiful and you look so lovely. X

  40. Cat

    The dress is beautiful and the cut is incredibly flattering! I love the idea of a blogger tea, it seems like fun!

  41. You look gorgeous! Wish I was tall like you xx

  42. wow the fudge looks amazing! As do you in that dress me dear!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  43. Lookin gorgeous as always! And very ladylike with that cup of tea!!
    Hope you’re having a fab jubilee weekend


  44. Anonymous

    I am so glad you are not my daughter I would hate to have such a spoilt brat as one.

  45. You look absolutely beautiful, seriously 🙂 xx

  46. You look amazing, that was definitely the right dress for you!

    Maria xxx

  47. That dress is so gorgeous on you, great choice xxx