Sarenza Shoe of the Week

With it being the Jubilee (very) long weekend, I couldn’t not feature one of the most iconic British brands for my Sarenza Shoe of the Week;

Dr Martens; I grew up wearing them…most people have probably owned a pair at some point in their life, and right now, my raspberry Pascal style boots are one of my most worn shoes.
This week I am coveting the 1461 w model…a brilliant brogue style shoe, specifically in Raspberry, £101 (I am obsessed with this colour), and Beige Needlepoint Thread, £131.90. Don’t be put off the price…a pair of Docs will last you a lifetime…a well made classic that will never date (and I promise they aren’t as uncomfortable to break in as rumour says!)

What’s your favourite British shoe brand? Can you remember your first DMs? Mine were suede purple and I loved them!


22 comments for “Sarenza Shoe of the Week

  1. Ooooh these are so lovely I especially like the rasberry ones.

  2. I love them but my legs are a funny shape and look silly in big shoes. I do have a wicked pair of 16-hole DMs that lace up with ribbon tho and I ❤ them! Xx

  3. Love the tapestry pair! And the colour of the second pair is brilliant. My first pair of DMs were black with multicoloured stitching – I was so in love with them!

  4. I still don’t have any but I really am tempted!

  5. adore these..especially the pink ones! xo

  6. My first pair was classic black, and they looked ridiculous because i was so tiny – still I clumped around in them everywhere 🙂

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  7. I love that needle point shoe – never tried Doc Martins i think people either seem to be Converse or Doc Martin people and I fall into the former.

  8. I really want some plum red DMs in my life xx

  9. Ugh, i need both of these. Completely your fault if I spend all my money!!!

    xx PC

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  11. I loved the first, so cute.
    kisses ♥

  12. Lucy

    My one and only pair of DMs, were black boots, size 3, I got when I was 16. Mum used to say I looked like a “fly in clogs” 😀

    I used to wear them with stripy vintage Mary Quant tights. Oh the memories 🙂 x

  13. love the floral ones!


  14. I love the pink! Thanks for your comment, I got the playsuit about two months ago, so not that recent. Xx

  15. The pink ones are to die for! I’ll definitely be keepng an eye out for a pair 🙂

    Lucy x

  16. I adore these shoes, especially the first! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  17. I loveeee the Pink ones, I’ve never owned a pair of DM’s and now I feel like I’m missing out!! xx

  18. After seeing a purple pair covered in silver stars in a shop window one weekend I was hooked on DMs. Sadly I’ve never owned a pair but I intend to invest in one soon. I love the floral ones! xxx

  19. I adore these shoes 🙂
    they are so vintage and cute!!!

  20. When the student loan goes in – mark my words, the needlepoint pair are at the top of the wish list…
    And, to my own horror, I’ve realised that while I have a fair few ‘clompy’ worky boots, I am 19 and still a DM virgin….

  21. These are gorgeous! Still need to get myself a pair of dms x