June Degusta Box Review

Another month and lucky for me, another Degusta box. I just love these foodie surprise boxes, they are perfect for getting me, and my household to try new products and over the last few months we have discovered a lot of new favourites.


The June box was no expection, with some fantastic products to try. These boxes are such a bargain at £12.99 including delivery, and if you wanted to give it a try you can get £3 off of your first box with the code WZWV7
One of the first products I pulled out of the box was some dried strawberries from Urban Fruit whose products I’ve tried before and loved. These new snack sized bags are perfect for on the go and the strawberries were sweet enough to satisfy the urge to dive in to the nearest bag of Haribo. Another food I rely on for snacks is Cereal, I always take a little tub to work to graze on and I’ve had my eye on the BEAR Alphabites for some time. Sweetened with coconut blossom nectar rather than refined sugars this are great tasting and very more-ish! Apparently this month had a bit of a breakfast theme as there were also these Be Fast shakes, which I haven’t tried yet, I’m not a milkshake person but I think Ben might like these for when he’s out and about first thing.
There is usually some alcoholic beverage tucked in to the Degusta boxes making it even better value for money! This month there was a can of

Estrella Damm

which reminds me of Summer holidays in Spain (although I don’t much care for lager so Dad will get this) but I hear it makes a perfect accompaniment to a BBQ! More my style is the

Lambrini Strawberry

, a brand new release from the brand. This sounds perfect, either on it’s own, or in a cocktail as suggested by Lily, who is quite frankly a genius!

This month saw the box contain another treat from Elizabeth Shaw, this time the Amaretto Flutes. Normally I have to pass on these things because another almond flavour contains nuts, but these don’t and I’m looking forward to tucking in! There was also some more baking chocolate from Dr. Oetker which I can’t wait to create with as well as a new and exciting Madagascan Vanilla Grinder (that alone retails at £4.99), I love using Vanilla in my baking and I’m clearing some time to whip up a cake as I type.
Last but not least comes a tub of microwavable rice from Veetee. My Dad uses microvave rice more than any of us in this household and prefers this brand over any of them. I’m keeping this one hidden to use is something like a (mild) curry for Ben and I, if anyone has a recipe for one they love then please share in the comments.
So that’s my round up of the June box. It takes me most of the month to get through everything so these are just initial thoughts…let me know if there are any products you’d like a more in depth review on, or if you have any suggestions on what to make with the vanilla and baking chocolate…Will this be the month you sign up?

5 comments for “June Degusta Box Review

  1. The bear alpha bites sound good, I love the bear yoyos as they are so scrummy x

  2. I love the look of the Urban Fruit, sound lovely!

  3. The box does seem like really good value for money – there’s such a lot in it for the price! I love the bear branded things, we have a box of those cereal in the cupboard (perks of living with children!) that I haven’t tried yet. I’d love to see what you whip up with the chocolate and vanilla in your cake 🙂 xxx

  4. My boyfriend would love the breakfast shake things, plus it would stop him from running the blended at insane o’ clock in the morning 🙂

    Gems x

  5. It all sounds so good and great value too.

    I have (Finally) emailed you my address hun, I am pants at the moment so I apologise for the delay.

    X x