keep warm, carry on

I’ve mentioned before my struggles with dressing warmly for the office, and this week has tested my layering skills to the max as I now do 8am starts, and when I’m at one of our two surgeries this often means no-one has been in first to turn the heating on (and it’s an old building that is cold at the best of times). I seem to have been living in similar sorts of outfits when I am based there, and yesterday was no exception…a fluffy (but sparkly) jumper from New Look with a thermal cami underneath, worn with a H&M pencil skirt, warm tights and my fuzzy lined boots by Betty London c/o Spartoo.
I find winter dressing such a chore, there is so little scope to be creative (at least, with the restrictions of what I already own, and I shamefully lack the basics) I’m torturing myself with Spring/Summer look books and dreaming of what I’ll be wearing when Spring finally arrives!

This weekend I predict jeans and chunky knits, which look chic on some people, but leave me feeling a little bit frumpy!

What are you living in right now? And any exciting weekend plans? I’ve been quite poorly all week so I’m hoping for some nausea free days where I can relax, catch up on things I’ve neglected and generally slob around!


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  1. love the skirt + boot mix here!
    You could never look frumpy in knits and jeans missy!

  2. You look lovely and the outfit looks like it’s sure to keep you warm !

  3. Dressing fashionably seems to go right out of the window when it gets cold, I’ve been livingin a chunky knit cardigan and wooly socks for so long! I love your outfit here, lovely and warm and still stylish!

  4. Oh getting to work dressing was always a nightmare. Freezing walk to station – sweating on tube. Bedraggled at office. In the Summer you get the opposite – boiling on the tube again, but then freezing under the air conditioning. I love all my jumpers, but hate the fluff all over the top underneath.

    Right now I’m not working, so it’s tights or leggings under skinny jeans, big boots and big jumpers! Plus fake fur of course.

    Your outfit is great, neutral but cosy. And the boots are on my lust list.

  5. Well it looks a very snug and stylish outfit. I’ve been living in boots the past week. What with being at centre parcs for 3 days and having to walk loads layers have been a must! As for today that to will be layering up and visiting all the ill people in the family, which is quite a few so I’ll have a busy day!
    X x

  6. D.

    I love the sweater! Unfortunately, we don’t have New Look here.

  7. Ohh it’s such a fab outfit – I hope it kept you warm!

    Love the jumper 🙂


  8. Love the jumper, so pretty 🙂 xx

  9. I am fed up of dressing in this cold weather too! There are only so many layers I can wear without getting too hot or looking like the michelin man.

  10. This looks like a great balance of shape with warmth. Great boots too! I find the hardest thing is the fluctuating temperature – from below freezing, outdoor train platform to hasty uphill walk to overheated college classrooms. Never seem to get the number of layers right!

  11. I’m the same as you, jeans and the warmest jumpers I own! I hope you feel better and can fully enjoy your slobbing around x

  12. I’ve been living in my skinny jeans, they seem to keep me really warm and loads of different jumpers. That’s when i’m not being super lazy and not being in my pjs! Have a lovely weekend xx

  13. Love that sweater!

    I agree, I find it hard to stay warm sometimes..

    Have an awesome weekend!

  14. Warm and work-friendly! You look fab.

    I’ve given you an award on my blog 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!


  15. I hope you feel better soon and stay warm! It has been so cold this week.


  16. I am loving the slight sparkle! X

  17. aw hope you feel better soon 🙂
    i love your sparkly jumper and pencil skirt combo, gorgeous!



  18. Laura those boots are amazing and I love the sparkly jumper. It’s a shame you didn’t get any snow, we had quite a bit on campus so I thought Bristol might get quite a bit too. xxx

  19. Lots of layers and a good chunky scarf are my staples. But I think my wardrobe would benefit from a pair of those boots! They look super teamed with a little sparkle x

  20. I love this outfit! I always find it difficult to put together warm outfits for work. The thick tights are a must.Love the sparkle.