L the Hero

Necklace c/o Olly M Jewellery
Jeans from Next
Converse via Sarenza
I’m having a jewellery moment so when Olly M Jewellery got in touch saying they’d like to send me a piece I was super excited especially having seen what they sell on other bloggers (and a lengthy browse on their website). I was sent this initial necklace which is so perfectly my style, it arrived just before my birthday too so it felt like an extra special gift. I’ve already been telling people about Olly M and how I’ll be shopping there for special gifts in the future. They aren’t limited to necklaces either, next on my shopping list is one of the stunning friendship bracelets.
I’ve avoided slogan tees for as long as possible, as soon as I saw this over sized Hero one from Own the Runway I wanted it! I like the bold statement, a bit more serious than “YOLO” or “Geek” that seems to be everywhere at the moment and I love the pastel shade. Perfect for a casual Saturday shopping in Cardiff with my best friend.
I’ve literally just got back from London which was amazing! We travelled up yesterday and explored M&M world (a.k.a. heaven) before heading for dinner and the theatre- if you get the chance to see Mama Mia you really should, such a feel good dance and sing-a-long fest!
Today we did Covent Garden and Oxford street before collapsing in a tired heap on the train home. I did so much walking, talking and shopping it’ll take a while to recover but Mum and I have wanted to do this for years and now was the perfect time. I must spend more time in the Capital, there are so many people I want to meet and things I want to do,
I need to seriously save some cash first though!
What are your favourite things to do in London? Anyone else an M&M world fan?

9 comments for “L the Hero

  1. I’m glad you had such a fab time in London! Love the necklace too!

  2. I love your t shirt, I have been thinking of getting one myself, it is just a question of what it should say. Great necklace too, so pretty! I went to London on Saturday and checked out the vintage shops on Brick Lane. I just never have enough time in London, have to go back soon!

  3. Love the necklace. The top is cool – I think if I ever see anyone with a YOLO shirt on I would probably punch them in the face.

    Corinne x

  4. Glad you had a good time! I’m going into London tomorrow to spend some time with my mum, which means shopping! :)x

  5. That necklace is lovely, i want one! Glad you had a nice time in London lovely x

  6. ooh I love Mamma Mia, nothing like a bit of Abba to put the world to rights. You look seriously hip, I’m not sure I could rock a slogan tee and jeans as good as this!

  7. You really are a hero 🙂
    Love the necklace. Geek teeshirts make me sad, people wearing them seem to be the kind of people who teased me about being a geek,

  8. That necklace is lovely. And I’ve not seen a Hero tee before, much more apt than the Geek ones xxx

  9. That necklace is so adorable! I think I may have just found more things to add to my wishlist haha! xo