Lovable Lingerie

It’s time to be seduced by Italy’s number-one lingerie brand, Lovable this

summer with its glamorous and sexy new range soon to the sold in the UK for the first time. Hitting rails exclusively at selected John Lewis stores from August, the chic new range offers British women a taste of Italian style, contemporary design and quality at an affordable price.

Whether you’re looking for an iconic vintage look, a sexy balconette or feather light lingerie, there’s something in the range to speak to the Italian woman in you with these fabulously feminine new designs.

I’m a sucker for pretty lingerie despite my lack of bust and this range is just gorgeous! Looking at the John Lewis website, prices are around £15 for pants and £32 for a bra which doesn’t seem bad to me!

My favourite set is the Vintage Couture one, picture above…classic, sleek and sophistacted. What’s not to love?

Lovable by name and nature.


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  1. Anonymous

    Uh… Course it doesnt seem bad to you.. it wouldnt seem bad to me either if i didnt have rent and bills to pay, food and general household shopping to buy – £47 could almost pay just my electricity for a month – get some perspective.

  2. Get a grip anonymous – I have rent and bills too, as do heaps of other people, and I can bet none of us are offended by this. Laura’s not telling you to buy it, she’s letting people know it’s there and giving an opinion. There’s a huge difference. Shame your ‘perspective’ doesn’t reach far enough to see this.

  3. Seconded – if you knew anything about bra fitting & quality you’d know that really decent bras are often around the £30 mark, if not far more.
    Two things about the comment itself too: a) you’re missing how the internet works. If you don’t like something no-one’s forcing you to read it, you haven’t paid for it so the provider owes you nothing and you can’t expect things to fit you specifically all the time and b) you obviously know you’ve being offensive because you’re hiding behind anonymity. Next time you want to leave an anonymous comment think for a second and just don’t.

  4. gorgeous! lingerie like that is always going to be costly but it is always worthwhile. And as for the anon comment, think of it like this, a bra is £47, now if you’re like me you are ample in the old chest region, so you’ll probably wear it everyday or at least swap it out for another favourite. Most of my bras last for about 1 year. we all know how much we love our favourite bras, so say 6 months wearing every day 183 days, that works out at 25p a day. Would you pay that for proper support and keeping your boobs firm for as long as possible. Heck yes.

    So there



  5. The black Lovable Vintage Couture High Waist Briefs and black Lovable Vintage Couture Soft Bra online at John Lewis for only £20 and £30 respectively are an excellent buy. The 1st commenter was obviously an ignoramus (I noted that both are Product code 11770600). The 72% polyamide, 15% elastane, 13% polyester fabric looks silky, of a nice weave with high thread count and the sheer panels with petite floral design ornamentation are very pretty. I would love to see what the briefs look like modeled, back view P.S.: That 1st commenter was clearly an ignoramus, unfamiliar with designer lingerie. Whilst it’s true that the nylon tricot knickers I’m wearing at the moment have lace insets and are half the price, they don’t have all the extra stitching, and lovely details on the front as these do. I would really love to see the back and would love to slip into a pair. They’re gorgeous! I love that vintage couture in lingerie!

  6. Really gorgeous set! I really need so new underwear so I might treat myself to a nice set from the collection to make me feel better for the cheap sets I’ll undoubtedly end up getting too!

  7. Ignore the anonymous commenter, it’s just over the top. I think this lingerie set is really nice, thanks for sharing Laura and I’ve got a hair photo up on Facebook now 🙂 xxx

  8. Loving this set! Looks like a gorgeous brand! And to the charming 1st commenter, I am a student with rent and bills to pay too, as are an awful lot of people here, and I don’t think that that price is particularly high for good quality undies.
    I would be interested to know what sort of price you pay and where you buy it from, as I heard that rubbish underwear can lead to saggy boobs 😉

    Again, lush post Laura!

  9. This lingerie is gorgeous. I love beautiful lace but with a bit of a modern twist.

  10. Women are lovely creatures. And what terrific means to show this kind of beauty is by wearing attractive lingerie and swimwear. Let your attractiveness charm others.

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