Lunching with M&S

For some reason food from Marks and Spencer never lets me down. I think this comes from growing up with it as a luxury as to this day it’s always a treat rather than an every day occurrence. I’m sure this would change if I ever move somewhere that has an M&S nearby, but as it involves a bus ride in to town it’s a rare treat.
Marks and Spencer have recently added to their food on the move range and were lovely enough to arrange some samples for me to collect on a recent trip in to town, with the not so difficult task of reviewing it on the blog…honestly, sometimes blogging is such a chore!
I love sushi, so the M&S team’s selection for me was perfect! I am so rubbish at capturing photos of food (practice time for me!) but this looked so delicious…and I confirm it tastes amazing. I really loved the Futomaki selection with a honey, ginger and chilli dressing (£3.50 per pack) as you got a good variety of pieces to try and the dressing added an extra dimension to the flavour; I find shop bought sushi can be on the bland side. The Salmon and Prawn Nigri (£3.50) was also excellent, the best shop bought Nigri I’ve tried and perfectly accompanied by good old soy sauce. I sadly couldn’t try the Yakatori Chicken Skewers (£2.00) as they had nuts on them, my bad for not mentioning that allergy but Ben reaped the benefits and gave them the thumbs up!
The new range from Marks and Spencer focuses on fresh and flavour packed lunches. As well as the sushi there is also a range of American inspired delights such as pulled pork and crunchy slaw on a soft white roll (£3.30) and some fantastic looking Bento boxes.
I try not to buy my lunch too often, but usually treat myself once a week. I wish I lived closer to a M&S as I’d love to explore this range further, I always find a long day at work is made better by an luxurious (well, not home made) lunch!
What do you guys do for lunch? Any one else agree nobody does food quite like M&S? Pass me the Percy Pigs!


11 comments for “Lunching with M&S

  1. I love M&S food, it’s literally the best…even the ready meals are delish! I could actually live off their food x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. My favourite M&S food is their duck pancakes – where you get the half duck to roast in the oven – just amazing, but so bad for you.

    I love sushi and on my highstreet we have the most amazing place called Nudo, best sushi in the world!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. I have to admit that supermarket sushi is the only kind I have tried (must do something about that), this looks pretty good. I can easily spend a small fortune in M&S buying more food than I can actually eat – it all just looks so good!

  4. Shame you didn’t get the try the chicken, that looks amazing

  5. The sushi is always so good- I had that salmon and prawn nigiri last week and loved it 🙂 The bento boxes are really worth a try- the pork one is amazing!

  6. Whats not to love about M&S food. It always tastes so yummy.

    X x

  7. I’m really picky when it comes to sushi, but M&S always use to impress me with the sushi they offered, often use to be a lunch time treat for me!

  8. M&S food is always great! Although I haven’t eaten their sushi!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  9. Definitely agree that M&S is a treat rather than an everyday thing, the food always feels so luxurious and is always way more enjoyable than somewhere like Tesco. The honey, ginger and chilli dressing sounds like an absolute dream, as does the sushi of course!

    Still haven’t tried sushi, one of these days I must get round to it 😉

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  10. This looks good. I agree, I love sushi but sometimes it is a bit bland. Might have to give the bento boxes a try too.

  11. M&S food is lovely! Those chicken skewers sound good! My favourite things to have for lunch are hot sandwiches; grilled cheese, paninis, or if we go out for lunch we like Subway. xxx