Lust list this week

I missed doing a wish list last week, I can’t even remember why I didn’t! Anyway, I’m back with it now and here’s what I’m praying Santa brings next weekend.


Knitted skirt from ASOS I love this, although I have a knitted skirt from Tesco winging it’s way to me.


Killer shoes courtesy of River Island via ASOS just amazing!


We be jammin’ lounge pants by David and Goliath. I LOVE their lounge pants and can’t wait for the sale where they often have them quite reduced!


Christmas jumper from Cath Kidston. Because I’m cool like that.


Charmaine pink rabbit necklace from Go Jewellery. Little known fact…rabbits are my favourite animal.

So there we go!

We had a lot of snow overnight (for where we live). I found out the hard and cold way as Flash decided I was perfect for warming up after a little adventure.

Do you have more snow?
What’s on your list this week?


35 comments for “Lust list this week

  1. I love the look of that skirt. Very pretty!

    Yep, more snow here in Manchester. Hope it gets worse so I can have a couple of snow days off from work before the holidays!

  2. The skirt is beautiful! You must let me know if David & Goliath have a sale soon cos I have my heart set on the rock & rule pj’s.

    Quite a lot of snow here, at least by our standards. We usually get barely any cos of being so close to the sea. Hope it doesn’t mess up my weekend plans!

  3. Nice picks! I like the necklace. Rabbits are one of my favourite animals too.

  4. KatieFrank

    Love David and Goliath.
    I can see all my Christmas money dissapearing in their sale.

  5. I love everything here especially the first skirt.

  6. Jo

    AHHH I want it all, too lovely. Esp the knitted skirt. Dear Santa, please blame Laura for the last minute changes to my list and your sore back. πŸ˜‰ Lol.

    Jo xx

  7. That skirt is so cute!! I want it now!! Rabbit necklace is really cool too.

  8. oo I noticed that ASOS skirt the other day, swiftly added to my giant ‘to buy’ folder!

  9. OMGawd Laura, that sweater!! LOL!! I need a tacky/cool Christmas sweater too πŸ˜‰ LUVS the skirt! And I mean LUVS!!!

  10. Love this list. Wish to have them too.

  11. aaaw that jumper is so cute. It’s bambi, pre-orphanage lol. We haven’t got any snow (yet) though South Yorks more than got our shareful last week. On my wish list – a red cardigan, the thicker the better! jazzy β™₯… if you haven’t already, get your skates on with my Vintage Tapestry Bag giveaway! πŸ™‚

  12. that skirt is so cute and flirty! Love it!

    xxx Charlie
    Enter my Christmas Giveaway!

  13. Such a lovely knitted skirt! Few months ago I bought an op-art knitted skirt… I really love that.


  14. i LOVE that knitted skirt! adding it to my asos wishlist now!:) xo

  15. That skirt is gorgeous and I love the CK jumper x

  16. Wow, I wear loungepants everyday and these would be lovely!
    Love the sweater and the necklace too.

  17. wow those gold heels are just stunning

  18. Those pyjamas are so cute! I’d love those for Christmas. But to be honest, that sweater reminds me of stuff my grandparent’s used to routinely buy me! ; )

  19. I love those lounge pants, the rabbit necklace and the deer jumper by Cath Kidston, all good choices. And yes we’ve gotten LOTS of snow today, it’s at least 10 inches deep I believe. Next door’s cat doesn’t seem impressed considering he attacked my shoulder on the way back into my house…poor thing. How much snow did you get? xxx

  20. Ohmygod that ASOS skirt is sooo going on my wishlist, its so me.
    We’ve had more snow overnight, i’m fed up of it now, i want to be able to go for long walks with Seb but its far to icy and dangerous here πŸ™
    I’ve something to post to you on Monday, hopefully it’ll be there before Christmas x

  21. It is all so pretty! I love those pj’s and Cath Kidston jumper !

  22. I am green like the cypress,
    Come, speak, I know your voice.
    You call to the rose, I call to the beloved.
    You are crying, I will also cry.


  23. I love the jumper, it’s so cute πŸ™‚

  24. I adore the jumper! It is so cute!
    Great post <3

  25. love the shoes and thanks for reminding me about david and goliath! i’ve always loved their stuff : ) ive missed you as well, i’m sooo glad i have a little more time to visit and blog again! no snow yet (thank God, as I have to drive a ways to and from work each day) but it will be nice to get a few pretty flurries on Christmas perhaps? stay warm!

  26. oh the knitted skirt from Asos is so pretty!

  27. I want those shoes! The skirt is more than adorable =) thx for sharing!

  28. ADORE ADORE ADORE that skirt! i need it in my life :p

  29. cute wishlist!! loveee the skirt.

  30. thats cath kidson is great! xx

  31. Totally with you on the heart print skirt! It`s so cute!

  32. I have some David and Goliath lounge pants ‘Rock is Dead! Long live paper and scissors!’
    Gorgeous and comfy!

  33. Simply adore that skirt and want it right now! πŸ™‚ x

  34. Anonymous

    Never ending snow coming down here as always!