Party Dress Special!

Have you sorted out your dress for Christmas and New Year parties yet? If you haven’t then you might like to take a peek at and their HUGE selection of party dresses for an affordable and fashionable solution!

Here are my top three from the range…

Admina embellished bib shift dress; £25.99. I love the simplicity of this dress, and the embellishment means no necklace is needed!

Homecoming Dresses

Following yesterday’s post where I mentioned my attraction to Leopard print, I don’t think it is any wonder I went straight for this dress! At £22.99 it’s a perfect price. I’d be teaming it with black tights and killer heels.

I adore the girly style of this dress and nude makes a nice change to the sea of black that’s so often prominent at this time of year. The Davia dress costs £32.99

There’s still plenty of time to order to get your dress in time for Christmas, the last order date is Wednesday 22nd December.

What are you wearing this festive season? What do you think of Missguided’s selection of dresses?


29 comments for “Party Dress Special!

  1. I’ve just blogged my work Christmas party dress (a whopping £11 from Primark) and have bought various bits on sale for my Christmas day outfit. Plus obviously some nice new pj’s.

    If I wasn’t so organised already then I could be seriously tempted by that first dress. The detailing on it is just stunning.

  2. elles sont magnifiques ces robes, et j’aime beaucoup la dernière

  3. love the first one! i haven’t find something for my new year party, untill now!

  4. what great prices and lovely dresses! I got one on sale from asos, but too worried to wear it now as its freezing outside. I’m not that brave lol

  5. That last nude dress is lovely! Very feminine and sweet, but still sexy!

    xxx Charlie
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  6. I’ve written a few posts like this myself, even though I don’t go to any partys so don’t have to worry about party dresses!

  7. laura, your blog is one of the first i ever really read, waaay back in like jan when i started blogging (back when i still thought your name was daisy…) and i still love it as much now as i did then 🙂 i loved the letter you sent me and i hope you have a lovely 2011! congrats on the job offer!

    ps, pretty dresses 🙂 xx

  8. I’m recycling my xmas dress at new years.. is that bad?

    Bhav x

  9. Gorgeous dresses, I like the first and thirs most!

  10. I’ll go for a see-through leopard top, with a leather mini skirt and lace thigh highs. Oh, and golden nails… my new obsession!

  11. <3 love your dress

  12. I love the cream dress.

    I tried one on similar in Republic and I loved it but I already had a party dress for xmas this year! I suppose I could have brought that one too

  13. Love the leopard print one : )

  14. The first one is lovely. Simple but very pretty. x

  15. that first dress is absolutely lovely

  16. I really love that first one! I went shopping today and it feels like all the party dresses are on sale already, so if you’re still looking for one now is a good time to shop!

  17. Ooh such pretty choices. I am actually waiting on a jumper coming from there that i ordered a few days ago it was a bargin too!

  18. Looove them!! the 3rd is my fave, its gorgeous xx

  19. My favorite would have to be the first one!! I love the studded collar!! 🙂

  20. I LOVE right now but i’ve completely run out of money! It so bad because there are loads of things i want to buy but cant! Now i want that last dress from your post 🙂 any other colours do you know? <3

  21. ~k

    I love sparkly and shiny! I like the Kimmie Sequin Open Back Dress on their site. It looks pretty short though!

  22. Great picks, I will check out the site, I love that last dress the best 🙂

  23. ee! im super excited to go holiday dress shopping tomorrow…im going to torontos vintage market called kensington!


  24. They are all lovely!! I’m planning on recycling a little black dress I wore for a party a few years back. A velvet jacket over it, some boots and voila! Holiday outfit! lol.

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  25. I LOVE missguided! I have 2 of their dresses, the Sheenah bodycon dress in mocha and a leopard print one with corsages on the shoulder from the clearance sale. Fab 🙂 though I got my Xmas dress in TK Maxx! Have blogged about it

  26. Anonymous

    The Davia dress is my favorite! Looks kind of Roman. ^^ I’ve not got a dress sorted yet-may be just inside on NYE studying anyway!

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