Mad about the Bag

Since setting my heart on a Mulberry Bayswater bag some years ago (and fingers crossed one will be purchased this year) I’ve always had bags on the brain. Not quite as much as I do shoes; that would be quite impossible, but enough so that I’m often drawn to the handbag section of a website before I browse any other part (unless shoes are involved of course).
The other day during my daily browse of the sales I came across Diffusion Online and their beautiful bag selection. I’ve put together a little wishlist, just because wishlists have been lacking of late, really…not because I secretly want to buy all these for myself.
I’ll start with the most affordable (and possibly my most coveted. The Minkpink Modern Love satchel at £39.00, perfect for chasing off those winter blues.

This little beauty is by Ted Baker. I have a real soft spot for Ted Baker bags- a legacy passed on from my Mother, I’m sure. It costs £150 which isn’t toooo bad considering what you can pay for some bags and will never go out of style.

I probably don’t need to introduce the designer of this bag, the signature orb gives it away straight off. The Dolce Vita in Crimson is another one of those bags which has long been on my most coveted list, and at £417.00 in the sale it’ll have to stay there for now, sadly as my money is going towards the Mulberry.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is very similar to one I own already. An impulse sales by a couple of years ago that I never regretted. Sadly the strap has broken and we are yet to find somewhere who will repair it (the brand themselves won’t as it’s past season). It was a brilliant bag though and if this should ever go in the sale (currently £325.00) I’d seriously consider getting a replacement.

Another from Ted Baker and not strictly a handbag. Mum already owns one of these Umbrella Ikon bags in pink (this one is £34.00) and they are invaluable for carrying around handbag overspill. Umbrellas, bottles of water, spare shoes. You name it, it’s been used for it. I love the floral print of this and might pop one of my own on my birthday list.

What are your weak spots when it comes to accessories? I can take or leave most things, but bags and shoes I just can’t help oogling even though I own more than enough already!

18 comments for “Mad about the Bag

  1. You’re getting a Mulberry!? Very exciting! Bags are definitely my weakness over shoes – I love a good satchel or slouchy cross body bag 🙂 x

  2. Oh yay! I hope you love your new Mulberry when you get your paws on it. The Diffusion sale is uh-mazing, they have tons of Unreal Fur and Dr. Martens bargains. I really like that Ted Baker bag.

    I’m not really a bag or shoe person but I do like my jewelz! <3

    Tara xo

  3. If you can, go to the outlet in Shepton Mallet – the bags are often 50% off or even more, often for ‘faults’ you don’t even notice (e.g. I bought a brown Roxanne and because a small bit of the leather was ‘smooth’ and not as grainy as the rest of it, it was £330 instead of the £750 RRP at the time). Of course if you have your heart set on a particular bag they might not stock it, but as you’re in the South West worth a trip!

  4. Shoes for sure are mine – bags not so much because I’m way to lazy to transfer stuff from one bag to another. My bag just broke though so I really want to get a new one, help.

    Corinne x

  5. Mine is, bizarrely, black and white striped jumpers! I have about 8 of them which is already really more than one needs!! 🙂

    I’m doing a small giveaway on my blog at the moment, if you fancy trying your luck 🙂 x

  6. Oh they’re all beautiful! I love the Ted Baker one especially <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. Hats of course!!! Do I need anymore? Nope! Will I keep buying? Probably! X

  8. Great selection of bags, I want them all!
    I’m weak when it comes to absolutely everything :-/ xx

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life

  9. Love that first one!

  10. The first one us probably my favourite, I love that colour.
    I buy way too many scarves, I put one in this morning that I haven’t worn in a year, not because I don’t like it but because I have so many others! It won’t stop me buying more though.

  11. I love the Vivienne Westwood one! Good luck with the getting the Bayswater, I can confirm it’s 100% worth the money…got mine almost 5 years ago now and use it almost daily but it’s still in amazing condition! xxx

  12. Blimey, girl’s bags are expensive!

    Buckets & Spades

  13. I love that first bag, it’s gorgeous 🙂 xx

  14. So many pretty bags love the first and last bags best

  15. I bloomin’ love the blue satchel. So pretty and soooo reasonably priced. xx

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  17. a nice selection of bags!