Makeup Essentials

I’ve seen numerous makeup posts lately, and find it really interesting to see what other people swear by…usually the products they hate are the ones I love. So I’m jumping on the bandwagon, here are my beauty essentials for every day wear.


My beauty box that seriously needs sorting out and stream-lining!


From L-R
E.L.F. Studio Cream liner in metallic olive for smudging under my lower eye.
MAC eyeshadows in Mineralism, Ploof, Smoke and Diamonds + a GOSH eyeshadow in a smokey metallic brown.
Rimmel The Max bold curves mascara and Shu Uemura ultimate expression mascara (comp win, I can’t afford it normally!)
E.L.F. Mineral eyeshadow primer…in my opinion this works just as well as Urban Decays!
Shu Uemura under base mousse another luxury I wouldn’t usually have but won.
Babara Daly for Tesco oil free foundation. This is one of the only foundations on the highstreet that matches my skin tone perfectly!
Benefit SugarBomb blusher, I had this for Christmas and LOVE it!
MAC studio fix powder. This has lasted me forever and was well worth the money!


From L-R
MUA lipgloss, def my go-to lipgloss as it’s not sticky and only costs £1!
Soap and Glory Hocus Focus a.k.a. my saviour!
Burts Bees pomegranate lipbalm, review coming soon
MAC lipstick in Strayin‘ from the Hello Kitty Collection

What are your makeup must haves?


44 comments for “Makeup Essentials

  1. Is that a massive hoard of Barry M Glitter Dust?? I’m hopeless ith make up to be honest, just clag it on. But I can’t go without face powder – basic but essential!

  2. I have the same hello kitty tube from the limited edition! So cute I don’t want to even use it.. haha


    kisses from Paris~

  3. Thats an impressive collection. The hello kitty mac lipstick is darling and I so have to get me some Hocus Focus, what a fab name. x

  4. I love anything MAC! Though I love how versatile your collection is =]


  5. I love peeking into people’s make-up collections! I need to get a box like that, too, my make-up is all over the place.


  6. Woah, thats a lot of makeup haha! I really like your essentials, i don’t own anything MAC but i need to!! xx

  7. You have great makeup, mine is a random selection with not many quality items! I also see what looks like lots of dazzle dusts… I must try them some time.

  8. i’ve always wondered if shu uemera is worth the huuuge price tag 🙂 i swear by MAC and benefit, especially the strobe liquid x

  9. I love the Shu Uemura under base mousse. I use it during the summer months. It works as sun factor as well as a wonderful base.

    Dena xoxo

  10. I’ll have to photograph my collection at some point.
    The one thing I can’t live without is eyeliner and mascara, I can go without everything else but not my eyeliner and mascara XD

  11. Burt’s Bees lipbalms & good ole Rimmel Eyeliner are the two things I always seem to have nowadays. Love this post 😀 x

  12. Kb

    Wow some nice products there! I’m not so much of a make-up junkie but I’m loving some of the Models Own eyeshadows at the moment. I wish I had more Mac!

  13. Love it and I love that you own some E.L.F. products. They just started carrying those at my Target here which makes me so happy because honestly, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on makeup.

  14. The Hocus Focus looks good, I might have to give it a try.

    I have so many sleepless nights with children, I am completely reliant on YSL Touche Eclat to make myslef look human in the mornings. I also love Chanel foundation and bodyshop cheek stain, Chanel rouge noir lipstick is my favourite at the moment but I also have numerous other brands.

  15. That’s a beautiful collection of makeup. Makeup is fun to shop for and look at, but it certainly can be expensive. I like watching some of the different and wild makeup tutorials on YouTube. One thing I have been wondering about since I’ve seen so many talented women using them is what makeup brushes to choose. There is an on line art supply store that has brushes that look very similar to the ones I see people using and I wonder whether makeup and artists brushes are somewhat interchangeable. They tend to be expensive too. In the past I just used the applicators supplied with the makeup itself, but am no expert. I like your collection.

  16. I love these posts! In so nosey, plus it always gives me new ideas for products to try. At the moment black eyeliner is my staple but I want to try out more colour on my eyes too.

  17. I love this post 🙂
    & mascara and concealer are my two complete staples!! x

  18. oh i think lip balm and moistusers but those arent really make up XD

  19. Oooh MAC! I love a lot!


  20. such a cute collection! i love MAC studio fix powder xxx

  21. woah how much eyeshadow do you have? haha. i’m not really an eyeshadow girl. loooove the packaging on that hello kitty mac though.

  22. Love that ELF primer, it really is amazing you’re right! I really really want sugarbomb too. Those little benefit boxes are so cute! xoxo

  23. ah a girl after my own heart I love hello kitty. Have u seen H&M’s hello kitty range?

  24. I’ve been looking for a good eyeshadow primer. Ive tried urban decays before and was thinking about getting it again. But maybe I’ll try elf instead. Also, I love the burts bees chapstick. Been using it for years:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  25. Mac Hello Kitty♥
    The Mac H.K is the only Mac make up I own, and I don’t even use it! I really should though lol

    My make up must have – Rimmel’s volume flash mascara!

  26. What a fab collection! My friend got me a Mac eyeshadow from the car boot and I do love it. xxx

  27. I’ve got so many makeup “essentials” I can’t name them all!!
    I do love the Burts Bees lip balm though.
    It’s saved my lips this entire winter.


  28. Love these kinds of posts because i am super nosey haha!

    Stacey xx

  29. My must haves are definitely brown mascara (right now I have Givenchy), Boing concealer from Benefit in 1, lip gloss from labello or Burt’s bees, and Nars “the multiple” in Luxor

  30. At the moment I love No.7’s Mardi Gray eyeshadow and I always use my Body Shop lipbalm every day. I also just gave you a blog award on my blog 🙂 xxx

  31. You have such nice makeup! I have to try both those mascaras, I’m having a hard time finding one I love. My makeup must haves are clinique even better foundation, mac tenderling sheertone blush OR neutrogena healthy blends blush in fresh, and nivea hint of flavor lip balm thats the prettiest shade of dark pink.

  32. I love seeing other peoples make-up preferences, I think it’s nice to have a few higher end products as well as drugstore ones too. MAC Hello Kitty was one of my faves xx

  33. I love a good snoopy post! I have really sensitive skin so most of my make up is mineral based, though black waterproof mascara is a must and i am currently love Philosophy lipgloss

  34. Wow,I love all this stuff 🙂 Jealous a little 😉
    xoxo from Hannie

  35. I love these kinds of posts! I’m loving that burts bees balm at the moment 🙂

  36. I only ever wear mascara and lipstick, wouldnt have a clue where to start with the rest!

  37. Love this post, I’ve been thinking of doing a similar one myself.

  38. I have about 5 different vaseline pots in various handbags.. can’t live without it!

    Other than that, benefit mascara is always a good one to have with you at all times

    Bhav x

  39. When i came to paris i learend that all that i need is my parfum and eyeliner.

    ps. i started blogging again:

  40. I love this post, I’m clueless with make-up so I love to know what other girls are using in order to get some ideas.
    At the moment my must haves are max factor masterpiece mascara and Lily Lolo mineral foundation, but I’m tempted to try that Hocus Focus soon!

  41. I think that MAC lipsticks are a must have, for sure! THE BEST!


  42. i think i am going to have to try the hocus pocus thing…looks delish!

  43. I have the same makeup box! I had to empty it out and be ruthless yesterday because I couldn’t fit my new stuff in there 🙂

  44. omgawd thats so much makeup!
    i must have my foundation and eyeliner all the time!