Glad everyone seemed to enjoy my baking posts, please do let me know if you make anything I’ve posted! It’s also nice to see an influx of baking posts in blogworld, I love finding and trying new recipes…I’m now on the lookout for something for Valentines day as it has been requested I make something for work!
The cheesecake and cupcakes were a hit last night, the cupcakes especially…by the end of the night I had lost count of the amount of times they had been recommended and complimented (that sounds really big headed, non?).
It was nice to get out, and meet all the people that work at the surgeries; I’m still new enough not to have met everyone. It was also good, and a personal triumph for me to go somewhere so crowded and un-familiar! The Doctor who’s house we went to is so lovely and her house is just breathtaking.

I wore my “Paprika” shift dress from ASOS, having purchased it to wear with something under it for now, I realised it looked hideously bulky, but layering with a cardigan over it and a belt looked much better


I never really *do* belts, I always take them off after half an hour or so, but this one was comfortable so I’m going to look for some similar.
I’ve also started taking more interest in my hair…it started at the end of last year with wearing it down and in it’s natural state, and over the last few days I’ve started experimenting with my ancient straighteners and I think I’m getting the hang of it. Normally I only wear it straight if Mum does it for me. I am hair hopeless.

Today Mum and I are heading in to Bristol for some serious shopping! It’s been a long time coming and we have been saving up for ages. I’m hoping to get a few key pieces for Spring and maybe some little treats.




I have serious love for this blouse!

What are you up to this weekend? Have a good one! xxx

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  1. Glad the baking went down well and you enjoyed yourself.
    Belts are awesome…though I’m struggling to find another one that is as wearable as the one I currently use.

    I have a Topshop gift card to spend this weekend…still struggling to find anything to spend it on though. Any suggestions welcome.

    Have fun shopping. xx:)

  2. Have fun shopping in Bristol. I only end up shopping by accident, sort of find bits when I’m not looking, but if I try to shop I end up coming home empty handed. Silly me. Loving your baking posts of late. Two great looks πŸ™‚

  3. I love the colour of that dress and your baking always looks so good and makes my mouth water:)

  4. You look wonderful in both these outfits! Love that blouse you make me want to wear mine more often πŸ™‚

    Have fun shopping! I only have one week left before half term then hopefully I can catch up with blogging, shopping and everything else that needs to be done including sleep πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely day πŸ™‚

  5. the blouse looks great on u ^^ i like ur brown belt too πŸ™‚ yes i need to stop shopping XD

  6. you look soo pretty, and your hair looks amazing like that!
    and I love the colour of this dress, it goes so well with the cardi and belt!
    have a great day of shopping in Bristol!

    xx Iris

  7. That blouse really is beautiful. Love your jeans too, I’m after a nice pair of high waisted jeans. Just find it so hard to find ones that fit!

  8. D.

    The outfit with blouse and jeans – love love love!

  9. Your cheescake did look great. Glad it went down well.

    The dress you wore is pretty. I’ve always wanted to do the belt-over-cardi look. It looks really good.

    The outfit for today is perfect. I love the 70’s-ness to it! The blouse= incredible.

  10. i have serious love for that blouse, too! x

  11. Glad you had fun! I love both outfits, especially the blouse & high waisted jeans! Happy shopping! =)

  12. S_S

    Lady, I sodding LOVE hat blouse and the high-waisted jeans! hitting the 70s trend BANG ON! and the first outfit is my DREAM!!! I love layering a long-line cardigan over a simple shift dress, then tying it all in with a belt. You look amazing! xxx

  13. love the dress babes, u look like taken from the asos site our pretty girl.

    I wish i had time to bake.
    have a lovely weekend. x

  14. You look so lovely in the first outfit. The belted cardigan looks great, and I love the colour of the dress. That blouse is really pretty too!

  15. beautiful blouse!! x

  16. I love that dress and that blouse! Very pretty!

    (And you aren’t the only one that’s hair hopeless!)

  17. Love those trousers on you, have a great day xoxo

  18. the first dress is awesome, looks good with the belt too – good thinking! loupug and i have just got back from a pugparty and we’re shattered! nap times i thinks xo


  19. you should rock the belts more often such an easy wardrobe update. xx

  20. I love the colours on the first outfit, especially with your hair colour – it looks so strong, amazing.

  21. Wow, you have amazing style! I think I just found my newest fashion inspiration πŸ™‚

  22. Glad you had a great night, it sounds like your baking went down well.

    I love the blouse too, I haven’t used my straightners in ages, but I always find if I have a straightening break for a while and then go back to them I can notice such a difference and soon become addicted again! xx

  23. MJ

    That dress is lovely!

  24. i love the blouse, hope you’ve had a great day shopping πŸ™‚ xxx

  25. I can see why you have serious love for that blouse – it’s gorgeous. The colours of your outfit in the first photo go together beautifully with your hair. The dress, the crocheted top, your tights and your hair are ale lovely. I like your facial expressions too. Have a wonderful time in Bristol with your mum! I may have to do some shoveling or maybe chopping of sleet, slush, ice and snow. It seems we are getting a lot of that sort of thing this winter. Your mention of Spring brought a smile.

  26. Your hair looks seriously gorgeous! So lovely, also that blouse is v.nice x

  27. The colour of that dress is lovely. Hope you’ve had a successful shopping trip. xx

  28. loving these looks πŸ™‚
    the blouse in the second is gorgeous!! x

  29. Glad your cheesecake and cupcakes went down well sweetie! πŸ™‚
    Cute looks, and your hair looks really nice all straight! xx

  30. You look amazing!



  31. That blouse is wonderful! xx

  32. sounds like you have a great weekend planned! Have fun πŸ™‚


  33. I love the belt-over-long-cardie look but haven’t tried it myself yet. Your hairs looking lovely, you sound like you’re really growing in confidence too πŸ™‚

  34. Definitely love that blouse! So cute!

    Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

  35. Kim

    Gorgeous outfits, I love the blouse in the second one! xxx

  36. Yay, i like both outfits. Is this the blouse thats like mine? it looks pretty much the same, but it is different, yours has white buttons and a bow collar i think mine doesn’t I want the bow thing too πŸ™

    Glad you had a good night, and hopefully you had a nice day out too, show us what you got πŸ™‚ x!

  37. Love the ASOS dress and how you styled it but hun you look stunning in the second outfit that blouse is beautiful and the colour is stunning on you and the jeans were literally made for you beautiful babe xoxo

  38. Gorgeous blouse! Where’s it from?

  39. The first outfit is one of my favorites.. I love your hair down!

  40. R.

    Just found the blog and love it!!

    check out my blog and if you like it please subscribe πŸ™‚



  41. Ooh I love your blouse!

    I never really know what to do with my hair… really wish I could do french braids, I think they’re just adorable (:

    Have a nice weekend m’dear!

  42. I really struggle with belts – I know they can add so much to an outfit but they just never look quite right on me and I never feel comfy with them on.

    You’re looking amazing in both outfits but I absolutely love the second one.

  43. So many baking posts recently, and they all look so good! I have to go downstairs and get a snack nearly every time I see one!
    I love the blouse πŸ™‚

  44. Love the dress it really suits you xx

  45. Love your outfit in the first pic, the colours are fab.



  46. I think you look very pretty with your hair down! The colour of the dress is lovely.

    Hope you let us see what you purchased. x

  47. that blouse is very pretty, and I love the colour of your dress at the top xo

  48. You look stunning in the blouse and jeans!
    I’m not surprised your cupcakes were so popular – they looked very tasty.

    I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip.

  49. Glad the goods you baked went down well! I need to post more of my recent baking adventures soon too. I love baking posts πŸ™‚ if you could post cupcakes/cookies/muffins without them getting turned into crumbs we should so do a baking package swap!

    Gorgeous party outfit, and hair looks lovely – the colour comes out even more when its straight.

    loves xxx

  50. the blouse is so cute! love its sheerness

  51. Great color on the dress! It looks really pretty with the belt; you should definitely “do” them more often. πŸ˜€

  52. Aww I hope you had a great time shopping with your mum πŸ™‚ and if you do a valentines themed bake please do share! πŸ˜€ xx

  53. Those pants are so cute! I think that you should wear skinnier belts that aren’t so stiff, then it would cinch the waist with no bulk, because you look adorable in that outfit!!!

  54. love the outfit! i cann see why you love the blouse!

  55. I adore your outfit! I’m loving the leggings

    Great post. Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Amanda Archambault
    follow each other?

  56. You look stunning πŸ™‚ the dress looks fantastic on you, it’s a great colour. I am also hopeless at doing my hair but it’s fun to experiment and try new things with it! x

  57. I loveee that blouse too! Gorgeous. You’re looking fabulous xoxox

  58. Have fun on your shopping trip to Bristol. Hope you’ll get good finds.

  59. I adore both these looks, and the straight hair suits you.

    PS: I really enjoyed your baking posts, I wish I could make something like that, but I have no patience.

  60. Amy

    I have SERIOUS love for that blouse too! Wow, it is so pretty and you look incredible as always. πŸ™‚

  61. love =both of these outfits, and the baking did sound delicious, so worth the compliments i’m sure! πŸ™‚