Man Up

I am having transitional wardrobe fail. Summery floral prints don’t feel quite right, but I have yet to put much thought in to this seasons work wear, given that I only started work in January and was mainly behind the scenes, I don’t really have a lot that is “front of house” appropriate (yet).

Trousers; Next (stolen borrowed from Mum) Tee; Peacocks, Shoes; New Look

Before I leave I’ll chuck on a blazer and call it smart enough.

Winter office wear suggestions…please? Complicated by the fact one office is like Siberia year round, whilst the other is un-reliable and will sometimes leave you blue with cold and at others have you melting!


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  1. firstly, love the colour of your shoes!

    Secondly,layering is the key!!! 🙂

    Jules @ a bit of Jules

  2. Love this outfit!

    I agree with Jules, layering for the win.

    Also I like knitted dresses with tights and boots for a/w workwear!


  3. so cute! I didn’t realise you had been a vegetarian. Do you have any good recipes for me? I want to bake some of the things from Oh She Glows, have you tried any?


  4. so cute! I didn’t realise you had been a vegetarian. Do you have any good recipes for me? I want to bake some of the things from Oh She Glows, have you tried any?


  5. Great outfit. I love cashmere cardigans, they are really cosy and warm but you don’t get too hot in them.

  6. Love this outfit. Those shape trousers are my absolute favourite and they look great on you xx

  7. Always bring a scarf! Then if it turns out to be chilly you can wrap up!

  8. My office is glacial too! I spent yesterday huddled in a winter coat at my desk shivering. I think your outfit makes good workwear, looks smart to me. Although given that I work in a grungy laboratory it’s probably not a good idea to listen to my thoughts on appropriate office-wear!

  9. I just bought lots of warm cardigans to wear over any outfit. My office is unbearably cold as they need to keep camera equipment cool.


  10. J.

    You need to start experimenting with layering, it’s the only solution! Love the flats, by the way!

  11. I really like those trousers paired with the pumps. Perfect work outfit!

    I struggle with dressing for work as it is always freezing unless I managed to take command of the aircon remote! I usually go for layering to cover all eventualities.

  12. Love those shoes!

    Tips – knee high socks OVER tights and massive drapey thin shawl/scarves.


  13. Great outfit ,love your shoes 🙂

  14. Layers layers layers – then you can take them off as and when you please. 🙂

  15. Layering :). I’m starting a new job soon so have been clothes shopping for my new role, will put them on my blog once all done xx

  16. Dressing for cold weather out and then crazy office aircon/heating is such a nightmare!

    Big pashmina style scarves are my tip for surviving random temperature changes. They can be worn over a coat outside, and are smart enough to act as a shawl when it’s cold in the office too, but are easy to take on and off as the temperature changes.

  17. Your shoes are really cute !!
    Sometimes it’s very difficult to know what to wear in the office because of the cold/heat, as Emma said there is no other way but layers 😉

    Caithlin and Eva

  18. I so need some new winter clothes! I feel my wardrobe seriously lacking in chunky knits and cosy cardigans xxx

  19. I’m stuck between coats atm – either too thin or too thick!

  20. I like this outfit! I would invest in some thin layers like jumpers and then just add or takeaway as you need to, eg, top, thin jumper, chunky cardi scarf with thick tights and skirt or these gorgeous trousers

    Maria xxx

  21. the trousers look great on you!

  22. you look very smart, love the trousers and flats.

  23. Our office is a little like that – it’s never just right, either very hot or very cold! I layer up like crazy, keep an extra cardi that I’m not too fond of in my drawer and normally wear cardigans rather than jumpers that I can slip in and out of easily. I love the cut of these trousers, they look made for you.

  24. Awww I love your garçonne look! Do it more often, you look so chic! 🙂

  25. Love this outfit! Thick black tights are my office saviour, I always wear them! xx

  26. Adoration for the shoes my dear.

    Winter work wear for those kind of extrremes- simple shift dresses with chunky cardigans and boots or shoes are always good- layers are your friend.

  27. this is hot, I adore those pumps !!

  28. this is hot, I adore those pumps !!

  29. this is hot, I adore those pumps !!

  30. this is hot, I adore those pumps !!