Mid-week Musing

 This is the third time I’ve worn this exact outfit, I just love the matchiness of it.

Mae clearly thinks life is a game of hide and seek; so far we’ve “lost” her more times than I care to admit to, she’s a sneaky kitty!

I should not go near shops when stressed;  I don’t even have a holiday booked yet!

Further musings;

– Bank holidays mess up my precarious at best knowledge of what day it actually is.

– The behaviour of the population will generally baffle me.

– Why does my town have NO mini eggs? Or reduced Easter goodies for that matter.

– I would be a heck of a lot more productive if it weren’t for twitter, instagram and online window shopping.

– Why do I never have time to paint my nails or bother with my hair; and yet don’t ever achieve anything.

What’s on your mind?


25 comments for “Mid-week Musing

  1. beautiful dress.the pattern is so nice.lovely mint purchase!

  2. I loose our cats under the sofa a lot and smokey loves sitting behind the TV and the drawers in the bedroom. It was never a problem with Ed because she’s so fat can’t fit behind things but smokey’s sly and tiny!

  3. love this outfit so much! but i think i love mae more 😀 x

  4. love the bikini! your blog is lovely

    emma xo

  5. love your outfit! Mae is so adorable 🙂 x

  6. I love that dress, what a lovely outfit! I had to hunt high and low for Easter chocolate and finally found some in Asda, I have a feeling I’m going to regret only buying two packets of mini eggs though!

  7. Haha, love those shoes and I know what you mean about bank holidays messing you up, the only way I know what day it is is due to what I ate wednesday being on all the blogs!

  8. I understand the stress buying thing- I just splurged in Boots to avoid the ever building work I have, and bought 3 bikinis after Christmas despite not having booked a holiday! Oh dear xx

  9. Really cute outfit, sometimes matchy outfits just work! You’re little kitten is beyond cute too x

  10. I love the outfit too, I can see why it’s a recurrence! Totally know what you mean about bank holidays mesing up your internal calender. I had a heart attack briefly on Tuesday wondering if I was actually supposed to be in work. I wasn’t, thankfully!! x

  11. that skirt looks like a beauty! I never seem to achieve much either, though I do find time to paint my nails, I don’t do a lot else.. xx

  12. I love that whole entire outfit, you look beautiful lady.

  13. i only went back to work today so in my head its monday! so confused. gonna be happy on friday though yessss. love those shoes i want i want!

  14. Another lovely dress1 Soo jealous of your dress collection

  15. Some outfits are just too good to wear just the once!
    The population baffles me on a daily basis.

  16. Cool!!!
    I love your blog!!
    Could you please check out mine??

  17. Loving this outfit. I can see why you live it so much. We still loose whiskas in our house. He always hides incredibly well when it’s raining!

    X x

  18. Love the mint bikini!!



  19. Your Easter Egg question has me nodding in agreement – I went into town today with the sole intention of buying half-prize easter eggs to gorge on, and nothing!!
    What is that about?

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  20. Beautiful dress and such a cute kitty! Does she love her new home?

    CAT xoxo

  21. Laura, you look incredible! LUVS the dress and LUVS that you have worn it the same way multiple times. I am guilty of that myself. Kitty is too sweet, and I am crushing over your bikini.

  22. Angela

    Mae is super cute! I love your outfit too, and that bikini looks so good you should be happy you splurged. Finding nice bikini’s are difficult! I hope you have a great week xx

  23. I love that dress of yours, and of course Mae has stolen my heart too these past few posts! xxx

  24. Mae is so so so cute!! I hope she’s settled in well 🙂

    That bikini is so lovely, I’m exactly the same at buying whilst stressed..this is how my student loan suffers! xx

  25. I want that dress its gorgeous x