Mighty Muesli! (a review)

Without a doubt Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For me, it fuels me for the day ahead and means I don’t have to worry quite so much about getting enough food later.
I’m a bit of a cereal hoarder, currently in possession of around 10 boxes. I like variety! From the chocolate flavoured kids stuff through to super healthy oats and mueslis, I have something to cater to whatever the morning has thrown at me.

((I don’t just have cereal, I also have toast or a bagel)).

Juliette Cattell is the founder of Otter Valley Food Company and the creator of Mighty Muesli. She offered to send me some samples of her range to review, and being the breakfast fiend I am I jumped at the chance.

Before I get in to the review, what IS Mighty Muesli? From Julie herself…

“Back in 1990 my husband was rowing intensively in preparation for a world rowing championship. After his early morning training he was always hungry and trying not to fall asleep during the day. I did a lot of research on super foods and I developed a unique recipe for a breakfast cereal that would provide my husband with the energy and nutrients he needed for his grueling training schedule. The results were that I created MIGHTY MUESLI and my husband won a world championship!

Since that time MIGHTY MUESLI has become the key breakfast fuel for a number of elite sportspeople such as Rebecca Romero, the 2 gold medallist at the Beijing Olympics in cycling and the British Women’s rowing team. But MIGHTY MUESLI is not just for champions. Breakfast has long been considered the crucial meal of the day for everyone and it is important to eat the right foods to start you off.”

Might Muesli is a blend of whole grains and seeds with a dash of fruit. It contains most of the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis, protein to keep you full, fibre, low GI levels, Omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as containing barely any salt or cholesterol.

None of the products contain wheat or nuts. Also No Hydrogenated fats, no GM ingredients, No Additives; No Chemicals; No Artificial Flavourings; No Dairy; No Trans Fats; No Added Salt.

Here are some of the benefits:

“Higher Energy Levels – MIGHTY MUESLI’S slow releasing carbohydrates will keep you feeling more energetic and more alive.

Look & Feel Healthier- MIGHTY MUESLI is like a big vitamin pill making you look and feel healthier.

Lower Stress Levels and Increased Concentration Levels- MIGHTY MUESLI will help you manage your blood sugar levels, (great for Diabetics too) ironing out the highs and lows, giving you more energy balance, making you less agitated and keeping you focused for longer. It will considerably improve your powers of concentration.

Lose weight – MIGHTY MUESLI leaves you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer; no hunger pangs means you won’t snack between meals. MIGHTY MUESLI contains NO Hydrogenated fats and NO Salt.

Stronger Bones- Everyone needs Vitamin D which is essential for the absorption of calcium in the body. Sunlight assists in the production of Vitamin D and it is also found in a few foods like some oily fish and eggs, but most people don’t get enough so we decided to give you a little extra to start you off – 20% of your RDA*- crucial for women, older people and growing children in particular. (See blog for further information.)

Faster Recovery after Exercise and Maintaining Muscle Condition- If you exercise on a regular basis and you don’t eat properly you will not be able to maintain the quality of your training. You need to eat after exercise to replenish your energy levels and rebuild and maintain muscle condition. Both MIGHTY MUESLI and POWER PORRIDGE can provide you with the right balance of quality complex carbohydrates, protein and fats before and after exercise. If you eat MIGHTY MUESLI after exercise you will not feel as tired during the day, you will have more energy and train better the next time.”

Aimed towards Athletes with a view to 2012 and the Olymipcs, Might Muesli has a lot to live up to, so how was it?

First up, the original Mighty Muesli



Attractively packaged, the box shows all the nutritional claims as well as what the mix does and doesn’t contain. Although seeming flimsy the cereal had remained fully intact. The back of the box indicates serving size and how much milk to add. The newly revamped recipe contains 20% of you RDA of Vitamin D and has dried cranberries and cherries added for anti-oxidant benefits.

Taste wise, this was great. Despite containing no nuts, this had a nutty taste (which I like in a cereal) from the seeds and grains blend. The dried fruit added a slight sweetness. A good 60g serving contains 212 calories (plus additional from milk) and kept me satisfyingly full all morning.

I was also sent a box of the Gluten Free variety, of which I was more sceptical about. My previous experiences of Gluten Free foods have been dense and somewhat compromised with taste.



This time I ate the muesli with Greek Yoghurt. Texture wise this was more interesting than the original variety with puffs as well as flakes in the mix. Although the recipe states dried apple and apricot were present, I didn’t notice it and felt the cereal could benefit from a little more sweetness. This could however be because I didn’t shake the box in my haste for breakfast.

The Gluten Free version is Vegan friendly, as well as suitable for those with Gluten Intolerance, Diabetes and IRS.
Despite my hesitations this wasn’t at all dense, it seemed to be lighter than the original Might Muesli and lack of sweetness aside, this was my favourite of the two.

A 60g serving of Gluten Free Mighty Muesli contains 235 calories, plus whatever milk or yoghurt you choose to add.

For full nutritional information you can see the website where you can also buy the whole range. It’s not the cheapest of cereal at £4.99 for 800g of Might Muesli and £6.99 for the same of the Gluten Free variety,
but if you are an athlete, or simply interested in eating well then I see it as a worthy investment and I shall be placing an order for a larger bag of the Gluten Free variety when my cereal supplies run low.

Juliette also sent POWER PORRIDGE for review…but I am an epic disaster with porridge making so I have passed that along for my grandparents to test. I’ll do that review separately.

Also available are “Hunga Busta” Bars, for the perfect on-the-go snack. I’m curious to try these and if I do, I’ll report back!

Are you tempted to try this?

Do you always eat breakfast?

What is YOUR favourite cereal?


26 comments for “Mighty Muesli! (a review)

  1. I love breakfast and love cereal! I love start honey loops and crunchy nut cornflakes… yummmm!!! 🙂 xo

  2. I do love a good bowl of muesli but I’m like you I have to have a lot of variety as I never know what I want until it comes to the moment of eating it 🙂

  3. I do always *try* to eat cereal or porridge for breakfast, although I tend to steer clear of muesli as usually i can’t find one without nuts in it, which I can’t stand, so this Mighty Muesli intrigues me! 🙂

  4. Oh yes, I’m tempted to try! It sound delicious!!
    I’m a breakfast freak – It’s my favorite meal and I NEVER leave without eating it 🙂
    My favorite cereal, for now, is weetabix or puff cereals, with no sugar ^^

  5. I love breakfast, particularly when I’m staying in a nice hotel. Such a treat. xx

  6. Oh, I am DEFINITELY a big eater of breakfast. I was eating my morning oatmeal as I read this post, in fact!

    That meusli does look quite delicious.

  7. I do love a good cereal breakfast but I do indulge in the unhealthy kind of breakfast once in a while too:P

    Would definitely wanna try this!


  8. I love this breakfast! I like it)))
    Super morning ha ha ha!!!

  9. Abs i love having breakfast! 🙂

    It’s luck! 🙂 I really love your blog and post you write very well! I had followe you, maybe you can visit and follow me back ha? :/


  10. Great review! I can eat at any time of the day and night and adore breakfast. I’m loving banana porridge at the mo…mmmm! Luckily I’ve a man on hand who can make it well. xxx

  11. my dilema is that i love cereal but i’m not really a breakfast person! i tend to have an open box or two lying around my room for snacking on though 🙂 x
    The gluten free one looks really good btw! x

  12. Never been a muesli fan as I don’t like nuts or raisins. I often times unintentionally skip breakfast, which is bad I know, but when I do have it, I tend to prefer something savoury rather than sweet in the morning.

  13. i’m really impressed it’s gluten free. i cant eat so many breakfast foods due to gluten!

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  14. when I was a kid I couldn’t really bring myself to eat anything in the morning… but years passed and now I can’t go out without having a small breakfast 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this information, I’m thinking about getting myself an oatmeal or some cereal for my future breakfasts!

  15. I never miss breakfast! I either have oatmeal with banana or yogurt with fruit…and always coffee and chocalte on the side 🙂


  16. YESS!! i wonder if they have this overseas….i really want to try this. Sounds like my kind of food…hehe. Good to bring on hiking trips because it leaves you full for hours.

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  18. Bran flakes for me at the moment! I do like a good breakfast but I tend to find I’m not hungry till about 10am and feel sick if I have to eat before then. Luckily I can scoff brekkie at my desk at work.

  19. thats like the most intense cereal ever! i eat cheese and crackers at my desk at work. pathetic. i need a breakfast like this.

  20. I love cereal, but ever since they diagnosed me with IBS, I can’t do milk…

    I haven’t tried almond milk, though. Hmm.

  21. Ooooh!! i love this review! I wanna try it. My fav. cereal is Blueberry Morning. But, I’m not sure if they still make it…


  22. After reading this I think I may need to start eating healthier 😛 haha! Thanks for your comment on my blog babe!!! great blog!!

    opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

  23. YES YES YES! Muesli is one of my faaaavorite too <3

  24. Muesli and yogurt in the morning is one of my favourite things ever.

  25. I dooo always eat breakfast yess – fave cereal has gotta be Golden Nuggets…or some cheap own brand variation on it 😛 YUM. Apart from that I do genuinely love muesli – personally my faves are Co-op and Asda as they’ve got soooo much dried fruit in