Monday Blues

Hello, Happy Monday and all that jazz…did you have a good weekend?

Winter is well and truly upon us and I’m struggling to find inspiration for outfits that are WARM. Most of my clothes seem to be of the summer variety, I need more knit wear, long sleeve dresses and trousers!

Today I’m wearing a floral shirt dress from H&M a couple of years back, navy tights and the cutest little socks from Tabio for added warmth!




I’m really starting to embrace socks with tights as it means I don’t always have to rely on long boots! I’m not sure it is the most flattering of looks but I’m pretty much past caring.

Oh, and yesterday I think I out did myself on the crazy tights front!


They made me smile all day!

Have a wonderful start to the week! What’s on the agenda?


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53 comments for “Monday Blues

  1. I love the socks… makes the outfit so cute.

  2. Those tights are fabulous! I quite like this time of year for dresses as I don’t feel so self concious wearing thick tights with dresses, I do feel odd in the middle of summer with thick tights, but my poor old legs are not fit for public viewing!
    Kandi x

  3. I think you did out do yourself…but so fun!

  4. That first outfit is beautiful, want! 🙂

    Love those tights they’d definitely make me smile all day too 🙂

  5. The first outfit is lovely, those socks are so cute! Love the tights in the second outfit as well!!

  6. I love the socks with the tights 🙂 you look lovely x

  7. Both are lovely outfits!

  8. D.

    The tights are totally smile-worthy :))

  9. You always have the most awesome tights. I love that dress too. xoxo

  10. Those second tights are just AH-MA-ZING!! And I know what you mean about being inspiration-less with winter outfits, I’m going thru something similar, though all I have in my closet is just too warm for this “wintery” weather.

    Umm and this week is full of tests and oh! finally Thanksgiving weekend and black friday sales.


  11. wow those tights are crazy xxxx

  12. wow! i love all the tights especially the printed one 😉

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  13. You’re doing a great job looking gorgeous and toasty. It’s so hard. My secret is a big furry hat, I’m never without one in the winter. xxx

  14. love your socks and shoes, i have the same problem in winter – i never seem to dress warm enough despite the amount of knitwear i own! x

  15. those ‘crazy tights’ are fantastic!


  16. Great outfit, love the shoes!

  17. Awww, I lvoe the socks-andtights look – very cute and very warm, wahey!

  18. Those socks are the cutest, I never think to wear socks and tights, but I always think they look good on other people.
    Those ‘crazy’ tights are so amazing, the perfect pick me up, you wear the best tights xx

  19. Socks with tights…I’m diggin’ it!

  20. wow, gorgeous!
    you realy got your orwn style and i like it, HOORAY

  21. Ohh i love those socks, they are so pretty. Love your boots too xxx

  22. thanks for the comment!
    cute socks!

  23. love the socks with tights look!

  24. Love the floral dress but the tights are AMAZING! You need to wear them more often.

  25. Love those wild but beautiful tights and the cat’s-eye view of your pretty floral socks.

  26. Some great leg/footwear there! x

  27. Loving the crazy tights! They remind me of when i wa slittle and used to lix all my plactisine together (in a good way) 🙂

  28. With socks that pretty, who cares about whether people like the outfit or not? Love the tights in the second outfit, where are they from?!

  29. Those socks… so cute! Oh, and lovey dress. Im obsessed with collars at the moment. Thanks for you very sweet comment, I’ve only just had time to post again :O Panda xo

  30. I love the dark blue tights! need to find me some like that

    Miss Neira

  31. The socks give a nice touch to the dress-with-tights look.

  32. Blue always looks so good in you, and those shoes are simply perfect!!

    You look really pretty, dear!

  33. Awww those socks with the first outfit are ADORABLE. 🙂 And I’m majorly in love with the tights in your second outfit. So fab and colorful! xo

  34. Those colourful tight are crazy fabulous!FUN*

  35. nice outfits! haha especially the socks


  36. E

    I always have the same problem! But you have such a marvelous tights selection, you should have no problem! Love you little boots!

  37. Lovely socks!


  38. omg, the dress is lovely!!!

  39. Oh my gosh I loooove those tights!! So so much.

    KF x

  40. hey beautiful,

    I’m in exactly same situation, all my clothes are too summerly and don’t fit the weather outside. Love your tights.


  41. Both lovely outfits. The tights would definitely make me smile too. So bright and cheerful. Great shirt dress. And the pretty socks and little boots are super cute. x

  42. I love your dress and those cute floral socks you`ve paired with it!

  43. I love the way socks look when layered over tights. So cute!

  44. I tend to wear sleeveless tops/dresses so I have found it difficult too 🙁 I just add lots of layers, cardis, tops under dresses,n socks gloves etc and so far I have survived 🙂

    Maria xxx

  45. Oh WOW your tights are beyond awesome!

  46. Love Tabio! The socks are super cute.


  47. love that dress! one of my friends has it as well.

  48. lovely dress and lovely shoes … great match:)

  49. Lovely dress. I like the way it hangs in your crouching photo.