Milestones- new in from GUESS Jewellery

After a short hiatus from invading my inbox with sparkling temptations, GUESS Jewellery have got my magpie tendencies going in to overdrive with their latest collection! I’m trying so hard to be good and resist spending money that I really can’t afford but it’s not easy- is it too early to be making a Christmas list?
The Milestones collection features sleek metal paired with gorgeous gradient colour stones set using the unique and challenging invisible setting technique. Although these may look simple at first glance they are a sure-fire statement, especially when doubled up with the matching ring and bracelet set. I am utterly besotted with the rose gold and pink combination and really like the idea of a matching set- you don’t often see a ring and bracelet set, usually it’s a necklace and bracelet or ring. The bangles cost £145 whilst the rings are £55…that makes a nice round £200 for the pair, not cheap but they certainly look a lot more expensive than that!
Available September 2014 from Debenhams, H Saumuel, House of Fraser and Goldsmiths. Which combo has caught your eye & would you wear alone or dare to double up?


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