Monday Morning

Happy Monday lovely people, its cold and gloomy outside today, I still need a lamp on to see my laptop keyboard and it’s 2:37pm. Insanity. I hate when you get up in the morning and fall over your feet/mess on your bedroom floor/sleeping cat trying to find the light switch.

I had to brave the cold, though thankfully dry outdoors to make my way to a doctors appointment. As such, my outfit featured more layers than shown, but I only photographed the basics. Who wants to see plain cardigans or my winter coat huh?




I originally had green tights on, but brown went better with the dress and the boots I wore.

My shopping urges are still going strong, and on my way home from my appointment I ended up buying a jumper dress from New Look (see here)I justified it by using a 20% off voucher, making it £16. Thankfully the teeeeny tiny store in my town didn’t have much sale stock, or else I’d have been in trouble!
I also walked out of the supermarket (having only popped in to get a drink) with 2 bags of Haribo and a bag of mini fruitellas. Oops.

I hope everyone has a great week,
don’t forget to check out my jewellery in the post below 😉

60 comments for “Monday Morning

  1. Kb

    Love, love, love that blue dress, and the brown tights look great with it. I’m trying to curb the shopping urge atm, though I’m treating myself to a new coat soon.

  2. you look very good!

  3. Beautiful dress, I think this neckline looks great on you!

  4. WOWWW !! you look very stunninggg..
    and that is a very beautidul outfit 🙂

  5. That dress looks amazing on you, lovely outfit!

    I hate this weather – it’s been raining all day where I am, and it’s so so cold…hate hate hate it!


  6. That dress is SO pretty. And the belt goes great with it. Blue is really your color. 🙂

  7. Love that dress and the belt is gorg!
    I’ve stayed in the warm office today, too wet and cold to venture out so far today… x

  8. Lol who can resist Haribo,it’s true!
    I love the dress and your ankle boots!
    *raising hand* I’d like to see your winter coat for once, unless you posted it before and I missed it!
    Btw, I love your face on the first pic, your eyes look amazing!

  9. Love your dress, you really have the most amazing collection of tights:)

  10. Love the silhouette of that dress! So ladylike. I like the way you accessorized it as well. Hope you enjoy your week, dear…

  11. I want your belt!! you have the best accessories.

  12. I know exactly what you mean about stumbling through your own mess.. haha.. I wake up at 3am everyday and have to tiptoe around my cat and bunch of books just to get to the light switch. 🙂

    Moving on.. I heart your dress.. Navy + Gold buttons = adorable!! Anyway, hope you had a great day.. and that you’re feeling well.. I never liked going to any kind of appointments with the doctor. hehe..


  13. Ooh, I die at that belt! It so beautifully pulls together your whole look. So gorgeous, darling! 🙂

  14. Oh, I LOVE this, especially the neckline on the dress.


  15. love this dress and the belt- you have such a great figure! love that jumper dress, too- so rock ‘n roll! :))

  16. How do I hate mondays!
    And the pictures don’t load 🙁

  17. I love that dress! So pretty! and the belt is fabulous.

  18. really love that belt! xx

  19. You look great, I love the dress with the belt


  20. I love your dress… Where’s it from? You look so pretty to be going to the doctors!
    Hope you had a good start to your week 🙂
    xo Hannah

  21. laura !!! it’s the best outfit you ever had love the dress and the belt and the way it looks on you !!!
    amazing shoes can i see a better photo of them ??
    big kiss sweetheart!!!you look fantastic!!!!

  22. Beautiful dress! I really love this belt with it also. Stunning!

  23. this dress looks incredible! You seriously look amazing in it. Thanks heaps for your birthday wishes 🙂 I’m glad someone else is the same as me with preferring having family and only very close friends – your 21st sounds amazing 🙂


  24. I love the shape of your dress. It looks great with the belt.

  25. Fab navy blue dress 🙂 I have something somewhat similar that I never got around to wearing, found it while packing….


    thanks for your comment, lady Godiva (your new nickname by the way, by way oy your overly delectable gift baskets of chocolate!!)


  26. The belt is incredible and I love your booties 🙂

  27. Love how you accessorized with fab belt! discount vouchers are the best, aren’t they…more incentive to shop 😉

  28. That belt features your waist perfectly!

  29. wow! I love how that dress looks on you!! it’s really cute and you are really skinny. envy!!!!

  30. this outfit is so nice. I love the collar of the dress and the way the pattern of the belt is subtly repeated in the tights. The colors are magnificent.

  31. Babe, seriously, your face in the first photo – stunning.

  32. LOL. Hun, I think you and my sister could be best friends, what with your love of sweets!

    As usual, looking fantastically gorgeous:) Love that dress!

  33. I really like the dress and belt, you have a lovely figure!


  34. Gorgeous outfit… I nearly bought that dress myself the other day. Love it on you and the tights are fabulous.

    Jen (GrammarGirl!)

  35. beautiful dress! such a fab fit and all
    cant wait to see how you use your new jumper

  36. No problem. I know the weather’s not amazing today – rainy, but it’s not too bad. I love your blue dress and our hamster’s not well atm either – a lump on her chest after recently having one on her chin removed, so I understand the loss of a pet 🙂

  37. Have a great week!

  38. Cute outfit, that dress is so nice, love the color and belt:)


  39. Love the gorge belt you paired with the navy dress. I also adore how you’re not afraid to pair navy and black together. I think its chic.

    Love it.

  40. ME! I wanna see your winter coat!

    nicola xx

  41. the belt is so cute with the dress!

  42. oh adorable dress and even more adorable belt! your waist looks so beautiful!

  43. ahhh I havent been looking at blogs for months and i’ve missed yours! so i’m going through alll your archives right now 🙂 muwahaha..
    I loveee that dress! and the belt is gorgeous! xxx

  44. love your dress…very elegant.. 🙂

  45. first, hope you are feeling better by now 😀 – 2nd, i agree that the brown tight is a better match than green since the dress has such a beautiful shade of navy blue – enjoy your week, xoxo

  46. you look so pretty! luv that belt.


  47. That blue dress is so amazing. It’s the prettiest style and I like the neckline so much! Adorable tights too!

  48. you look lovely. that dress and belt look like they were made for each other

  49. great dress! especially the collar.

  50. Love this look! shopping urges are impossible to control!! I often buy things on my way home from work.. just can’t help it!

  51. E

    This look is so elegant and so interesting with that belt! I love this!

  52. Love that belt ! You look great !

  53. so i went to New Look and didn’t like it 🙁 it was stuffed with people and so many of the poor clothes were just lying on the floor.
    I love that dress + belt combo!

  54. Love this outfit. The neckline of the dress is beautiful!

  55. great shade of navy on your dress! the cut at the collar makes it look very vintage.

  56. This color really suits u.Is this picture urs?

    Allure de Star Collection

  57. cute cute dress
    totally eyeing that belt
    amazing wide belt
    love it
    i want one too!!

  58. I don’t think I’ve seen this post before. That’s another lovely dress.