Jumper and Skirt both New Look
Boots: Yull
Hat: H&M
So, these photos really are rubbish- an experiment with early morning lighting but at the same time they kind of fit the theme of the post and so I’m sharing them regardless.
I’m not usually one to jump on trend bandwagons, I barely pay attention to them and buy what I think suits me instead…this season seems to be a little different though, there are several trends I’m really enjoying and one of those is monochrome. There’s something about the clean cut styles and bold contrast between black and white that really appeals to me. I have very chalk and cheese taste though, my second favourite trend is neon.
Another change for me is that I’m not usually a Topshop girl. I can usually quite happily take it or leave it whilst other bloggers fawn over every new arrival (this isn’t a criticism folks!) However my search for my favourite monochrome items on the high street led me to one place and one place only…behold!

This was just the tiniest selection of what I’m craving. All I need now is the Topshop budget; I find their prices hard to swallow at times…how do other people do it?

Happy March people; Spring is on it’s way!


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  1. I know what you mean, i walk past topshop with trepidation in case i see something i want… whenever i go in and look, i am blown away at how expensive it all is!!! seriously £35 for a teeshirt?!?! i think NOT! :p xx

  2. I like bits in topshop but coukd never afford it! I always wait for the sale and see if its still there then!

  3. I wasn’t really aware there was a mono trend happening, although I have been tryign to avoid the shops as I’m on my Lent spending ban. I am however getting super excited about the prospect of my dungaree collection being added to this year!

  4. Mat

    hats really suit you man, nice to try them! i on the other hand do not

  5. SO, this is my second fave outfit of yours of all time! I love your hat and well, everything. Girrrrl, totz working it 😉

    The Style Rawr!

  6. i am loving monochrome too and this outfit looks great on you! and i totally agree, topshop prices are always a little steep for me… i guess im more of a matalan/ new look price range gal lol! xx

  7. Hat hat hat! Love the hat.
    Monochrome suits you =) xx

  8. Stylish and cute – you did a great job with this, Laura.

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  10. You look ready to break into dance in your cute hat, New Look jumper and skirt. I looked at TopShop’s site. They are a tad expensive. I suspect many bloggers have a tough time keeping up with the cost of outfits if they’re not taking some compensation or having the items provided. I wonder how many bloggers attend events for lovely second hand frocks where there are booths like those participated in by Frocktasia? I know some bloggers sell their barely worn outfits on Etsy or other. sites. I haven’t decided what to do with mine. I have found myself really yearning for some of the expensive blouses for sale at Saks Fifth Avenue., but the prices on some of the haute couture there can be quite steep. I’ve exercised some self control so far. Who knows, maybe I’ll spot some pretty TopShop fashions at an amazing low price in a second hand shoppe sometime. Elizabethany always seems to find great bargains for her “Whatcha wearin Wednesdays” somehow. Sorry for getting carried away with the length of this comment.

  11. Love your hat! I agree with the TopShop prices. They’ve done a pseudo-collab with Nordstrom here in the states and since Nordstrom is really good about sales everything is pretty reasonable but when you go to the store in NYC or online its just…you want WHAT for that? ASOS has so many similar pieces at a much better price plus they also have designer things and sales.

    It’s just funny that TopShop is supposed to be so affordable and it’s actually kind of pricy for a brand that isn’t designer or even supposedly “contemporary”.


  12. You look great. This outfit is perfect for you!

  13. You look gorgeous!! Everything about your outfit is perfect 🙂 you have such great taste. The black dungarees are lovely, I’ve seen dungarees around a lot lately on people’s blogs, I just don’t think I can pull them off! If I ever want to buy things from Topshop, I’ll either wait until there’s increased student discount, or a free delivery day 🙂 I always make sure to check the sale every now and then too. I don’t know how some people afford all the things they do – I can only dream!! haha xxx

  14. The monochrome look is my favourite. The skirt is so gorgeous.

  15. Oh yes when I was studying I couldn’t really shop in Topshop very often – it’s so expensive. Even now when it’s payday, I try not to go in there – the prices are quite hard to justify sometimes!

  16. I thought the photos suited the post too! I’m not crazy on monochrome BUT Next have got some good mono stuff right now.

  17. I like monochrome too, usually I suck at trends – S/S is a terrible time for me to shop as I don’t *do* florals haha. But this is awesome.

    And I totally agree on the Topshop prices, they are rediculous. Usually if you wait a while similar stuff seems to pop up in Primark or even Dorothy Perkins for less.

  18. Absolutely fabulous outfit, it wins on every possible level! xxx

  19. Love a bit of monochrome! The whole of Topshop is decked out in it but they are a tad out of my price range this month! x