Music on the Move with Nude Audio

Since being with Ben I’ve become a serious music fanatic again. It started with the occasional listen on Spotify or when I was at his but now I can’t bear to be without music, especially when I’m falling asleep.
This was proving to be a problem as falling asleep with headphones in is a) uncomfortable and b) a bit dangerous so I had started to look around for some Wireless Speakers. Literally a day in to my search I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to try out a portable Bluetooth speaker from the folks at Nude Audio
Problem solved!

First up, I loved the look of this speaker, so bright and fun! It’s also really neat and compact meaning I can pack it in my handbag or backpack to take my music anywhere I please!
The size did make me wonder what the sound quality would be like- could it give a good playback being so dinky?
Yes, yes it can. This thing packs some serious punch and I’m loyal to it already! It’s super simple to set up and can be used for non Bluetooth devices too thanks to a simple cable. It has approx 8 hours of battery life which is pretty good and it charges up via a USB.
The speakers cost between £19.99 (for the S size) through to £99.99 (for the L). My speaker is the M variety.
All speakers come in a choice of two colours- the charcoal/coral like mine or a pretty grey/mint combination.
And what have I been listening to most lately?
This catchy little number that Ben introduced me to at the weekend. 
He has seriously crazy guitar skills!

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  1. Never heard of this brand before, will deffo be checking it out. Love the orange!x