My Bestest Joined Up Handwriting

…or not.

The ever gorgeous and wonderful Char has not only provided me with Fruitella and a Red Nose this week, but also tagged me for this handwriting post.

I am a handwriting geek, I love looking at how other people write. This possibly wasn’t the best day for me to choose to do this…I ended up handwriting over 100 envelopes for work after some printer fail but hey-ho…It’s pretty neat considering!

((please note my paper is not as snazzy as Char’s lego stuff…thanks med reps for the awesome stationary though))

These were the rules

1. name and blog name
2. url
3. write ‘a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’
4. favourite quote
5. favourite song
6. favourite band(s), artist(s)
7. anything else you wish to say..


I would like to tag EVERYONE because as I mentioned above, I love seeing other people’s writing.

I hate how little I handwrite these days, I am penpals with a couple of bloggers but would happily accept more *hint*

Happy Friday loves

and thank you once more for the incredible feedback on this week’s posts. I can feel my confidence growing because of it.


26 comments for “My Bestest Joined Up Handwriting

  1. Meg

    Definitely doing this just because my handwriting is horrendous! Yours on the other hand is very nice! xx

  2. Amy

    Ooh! This is fun! I love looking at people’s handwriting too, will definitely be doing this! Might do it in a mo actually 🙂


  3. My handwriting, even I can’t read it back sometimes…

    I’d be interested in being a penpal, if you’re interested in aquiring another- drop me an e-mail

  4. aw your writing is CUTE. defs doing this too! xo

  5. I’m always jealous of everyone’s else’s handwriting. Mine is horrible!

  6. Ooh, I like your handwriting 😀
    I’ve just done it myself, although my camera didn’t seem to want to take photos of my writing in this light.

    Fiona x

  7. I will add this into my week in photos post 😀 I would LOVE to be your pen pal, you have my address right?

    Maria xxx

  8. Bex

    I would love a penpal 🙂
    If you’re interested, just leave me an email at 🙂
    I love to read posts like this!!

  9. love your writing Laura! I’ll try this challenge soon, tho my writing is pants. V interested in being penpals with you, let me know!

  10. Your writing is lovely! I am a right fan of stuff like this and luckily Char tagged me too so I’m definitely going to do it!

  11. This is such a good idea. And your handwriting is really neat. Mine’s become a sort of scribble since I graduated!

  12. haha, my writing in exams/lecture notes etc makes me laugh. Always starts out neat and turns into complete scribble.
    I always had penpals as a child, i miss the whole waiting for a letter to be dropped off by the postie.
    My email is if your interested in becoming penpals 🙂

  13. You’ve got lovely handwriting! Mine sucks! xx

  14. Ohhhh this is such a good idea! We have very similar handwriting and I love that Savage Garden song xxx

  15. awh cute handwriting ^^ i want to do this tag ^^ i think i will over the weekend :3

  16. Wow i wish my handwriting was as neat as this 🙂 <3

  17. <3 truly madly deeply! classic!

    check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  18. Your handwriting is cute! I might do this, looks like fun!

  19. Hehe. I wanna do this! But I have no camera… Sad times! Loving the pink paper =D


  20. D.

    Your handwriting is really nice 🙂

    Here’s a website I think you’ll like:

  21. This is so cute! Will need to do a post like this some time this week!

    I’ve been looking for a penpal as part of my 101 list so if DM me your address on Twitter if you want me to write to you! (Although I see you have quite an number of offers already!!) xx

  22. I need to do this! xx

  23. I’d love to be a penpal if you’d like. You can have some postcards from Vienna!
    I might have to do this handwriting tag, it looks fun!

  24. your handwriting is so neat! I think I should do this 🙂

  25. Great idea! I love handwriting things, particularly letters to people, so I’ll give this a go at some point!
    I like your handwriting!

    (awww, word verification is Blesim.
    Wrong sex but thought that was sweet!)

  26. i think your handwriting is lovely – rly neat! i always know when something is from you 🙂 X