My Latest Addiction

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my latest snacking addiction, who I first came across via the gorgeous Nicky
A new brand, Garbanzo make the most addictive roasted chickpea snacks in three awesome flavours; currently only available in larger Holland and Barret stores, but I have first hand knowledge that they plan to open an online store soon.

My addiction to these is a running joke among a few of my friends (Ellie, Trudi…) and those that have tried them have also got hooked! I wasn’t asked by Garbanzo to post this, but I contacted them to find out if they had any other stockists, and when I realised what a lovely bunch of people they are, I decided I wanted to spread the love a little bit more.

If you see these, buy in bulk…SO seriously good…especially the bombay firecracker flavour!


18 comments for “My Latest Addiction

  1. Mm the sweet chilli sounds delish! I love snacking but need to snack on the right things!

  2. sundried tomato, garlic and herb was the first thing to catch my eye, yum! 😀

  3. cat

    My fave is definitely the tomato and garlic, yummy! Thanks for telling me about these and here’s to more Sunday chickpea-buying excursions!!! x x x

  4. I actually make roasted chick peas in the oven xD but I have never tried seasoning them with flavors, gotta give it a try!!


  5. I was about to say, the Bombay Firecracker one sounds amazing! x

  6. Oh my god, these sound amazing! I’m going to check my local holland and barrat!

  7. Yum 🙂 I need to try the sundried tomato! x

  8. Mat

    sounds like my sort of thing, i’ll look out for them

  9. These sound really good, I’ve given up booze and chocolate for Lent (in an attempt to lose weight rather than religious conviction) and I need treats damn it!

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  10. Tor

    They look so good! I love flavoured peas so I’ll have to try these once I’m back on cooked foods. All three look great!

  11. My Nana always used to cook fried chickpeas for us as a snack, yum! Love them.

  12. These sound pretty delish X

  13. Yum these sound really yummy!

  14. Angela

    I’m a little unsure about roasted chickpeas (and in general good things to do with chickpeas) but as you are giving them such glowing reviews I will look out for them next time I’m near a holland and barret! 🙂 x

  15. I love these! The tomato and roasted garlic are my faves….then the chilli 🙂 They’re great to keep in your bag for when the energy levels plummet!

  16. LOVE the sound of these, liking the range of flavours, and I have to do my snack-stock-up-shop this week too, so will definitely looking out for them.

  17. ohhhh, I love roast chick peas!! Thanks for sharing, again 🙂 I need to get me some of these!