My Top Picks for S/S10 under £40

When online shopping, my first port of call is to check whether there are any discount codes available for where I plan to buy from. Before now I’ve saved money at ASOS, and have printed off vouchers for 2 for 1 restaurant deals.

When they got in touch with me and asked me to pick 5-10 pieces that I think will be hot for 2010 I jumped at the chance. The catch to this was, that everything must be under £40.

Having had enough for winter, I set about compiling my picks for spring and summer. You’ll notice a bit of a theme going on in the form of girlish pieces and nude colours and that’s because I am head over heels in love with all things etheral right now.

So, here are my 10 and where you can buy them.

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Skirt, £35 from ASOS

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Dress, £38 also from ASOS

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Shoes, £35 from ASOS again (I’m a bit addicted to browsing there!)

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Bag, £35 from Marks and Spencer

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Dress, £39.50 Marks and Spencer; they really have some great pieces in right now!

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Floral Jacket, £32 from Miss Selfridge, I can see this being suprisingly versatile.

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Shoes, £30 from New Look

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Dress, £35 from House of Fraser

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Dress, £35 from Topshop

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Daisy sequined Cropped Tee, £28 from Topshop.

The hardest part of this challenge was narrowing it down, there are so many gorgeous pieces out there at affordable prices, which is good to know when you have little money like moi.

Right now there are loads of great fashion and beauty discount codes at including one from Office who currently have an amazing sale going on,
and you can save 10% on your next order at Oasis
I recommend signing up to the weekly e-mail which will inform you of the top 20 best codes so you never miss a bargain
(just don’t blame me if you have to declare bankruptcy)


89 comments for “My Top Picks for S/S10 under £40

  1. Coherent selection! A capsule wardrobe in palest pales.

    That first skirt is pretty interesting, particularly.

  2. I love the nude colored cut out booties…I love nude shoes in spring as well as all the funky florals

  3. gorgeous pieces! i agree with your picks! – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  4. wow, these are incredible! those shoes… yum! :)))

  5. love the skirt and the shoes!

  6. You have a great eye for gorgeous peices! Love the floral topshop dress and nude M&S Handbag

  7. I am actually in LOVE with the bag and the Topshop dress! Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check that website!

  8. ooh the m&s bag and the topshop dress! Yum. They would be my pick of the rest.x

  9. such a good challenge! it’s nice to see affordable things!! i like your selection! i am totally feeling the ethereal vibe as well… sadly it’s a bit hard to pull off when it’s freezing cold and snowing outside… soon though hopefully! xx

  10. What courses are you taking at college? I had an exam today, which I didnt plan out properley and am now sure I’ve failed but I’m gonna take my own advice and just relax and look forward to my other exams to top my grde up. xxx

  11. ohh those are so pretty!
    i, too, am obsessed with retailmenot (the u.s. equivalent it sounds like) for getting deals and free shipping.

  12. I really love that House of Fraser nautical dress! I get paid tomorrow so I might have to pop in and have a little look…!! And maybe try it on…!! xx

  13. Some very lovely picks! I adore the daisy top but I think if I was to get it, then it twould be a little cheesy!

  14. Love your choices. Really love the first dress.

  15. I love the daisy shirt !!!

  16. I always check out vouchercodes… spesh for 2 or 1 food deals.

    I love your chosen pieces, every single one of them. The daisy crop top is gorgeous!!! but I can’t really show off my belly now at my age!! might have to look at one for my daughter – she’s called Daisy. When she was a baby all her clothes had daisy’s on… I guess it was just the ‘baby’ fashion for some reason. x

  17. Jen

    You MUST get that daisy print crop top – it’s like the clothing representation of your blog!

    I adore the ASOS skirt and think I might just have to have it. Yummy.

  18. I love all of it esp the floral dress. x

  19. These are all GREAT pics! Nudes and florals. So perfect for this spring.

  20. The skirt from asos is gorgeous
    Rianna Bethany xxxxx

  21. get the faded floral topshop dress! it is so beautiful!! xo

  22. Love the skirt, it has the most interesting texture I’ve ever seen! The daisy top is also very very cute 🙂

  23. i have a dress very similiar to the second picture from h&m.. i love your choices!

  24. Ooh, I so want those shoes from ASOS – tres adorable!! 🙂

  25. LOVE the skirt at the beginning, great choices 🙂
    your blog brightens my day xoxo

  26. oh I love these! And what deals too! I want both pairs of shoes 🙂

  27. Lovely choices!!! I first skirt is a must – I love texture. Its great 🙂

  28. you have a great eye. so pretty!

  29. lovely picks!! that topshop dress and the house of fraser dress are particularly wonderful – and the topshop top suits your blog very much! xx

  30. That first skirt is divine! So textural..

  31. I adore the first dress – it’s so feminine & stunning.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my jewelry line!

  32. spring sounds so nice right now. I always get so excited by low prices on these sights then realize that the pounds to dollars conversion rate is completely depressing. The marks and spencers are my fave, what great art deco ish shapes.

  33. i really love the floral dress and jacket!
    and about the zebra ring i only got it in december oxford st so it should still be in stock.+

  34. I especially love the nude pieces and the cute daisy print shirt! I love wearing white and nude in the spring/summer, it feels so fresh!


  35. argh i stalk both websites like its my job. love the first skirt

  36. I am so into ruffle dresses right now! Great selections!

  37. I say yes to that floral jacket!

  38. Oh I really want the first skirt! It’s one of a kind!!

  39. Luv ur picks for Spring!! Hope u have a wonderful wknd xx

  40. What an adorable selection…I think the bag and the first skirt is just fabulous 🙂 Love them!

    Have a great weekend dear Daisy, cheers: Evi

  41. RE: Yep, I made it myself 🙂 If you know how to knit, it’s not very hard to knit a scarf :p

  42. I’ve just found your blog ^^ loved this article and the shoes and bag are amazing* I’ll surelly come more often to read you

  43. Beautfiul selection! I love all the dresses you picked, especially the ASOS and M&S one! Those neutral colored shoes are gorgeous as well!

  44. I adore every.single.pick.

    Love ASOS!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment dearest, so sorry for the insanely late reply!

    Stay safe and chic darling,
    English Rose x

  45. love it all-esp the 1st skirt and the blush shoes gorgeous xo

  46. Jen

    i am head over heels in love with the two pairs of shoes you chose, especially the oxfords! 🙂 great picks!

  47. Omg that dress is so cute!
    I love your blog!

    x Valentine

  48. MJ

    Hahah, think this would only feed my shopping addiction!

  49. I love that cream/white dress from Asos… it is so sweet and so pretty.

  50. OMG I love the skirt for work… with the oxford shoes and the bag … super great post I love it

  51. My store had a bunch. Do you want me to pick you up a poncho? 🙂


  52. Absolutely adore that first skirt!

  53. I couldn’t have picked any better myself!
    Have a great weekend hun 😉

    prettyneons XxX

  54. I love your high street stores! Have ordered from ASOS and Office, too 🙂 Great coupon codes.

  55. Gorgeous selections, darling!
    Especially loving both pairs of booties!


  56. never heard of that voucher website before so i’m off to check it out!

    For all things fashion:

  57. loving the petal skirt.

    I’ve recently made a new fashion blog and I would love for you to drop by and check it out. -diya

  58. Oooo great finds! I love that bag!

  59. great picks dear,love the M&S bag:x

  60. I really love the first dress. Really cute. Thanks for your kind comments 😉
    -The Trendy Fashionista

  61. Great stuff. I love the skirt and the Marks and Spencer dress.

  62. I adore your selection! Loving the nude colours too.

  63. Great picks…. my fav is the skirt (first one)… so light and dreamy!!

    Love & Aloha,

  64. Love the selection:)

  65. Those lace-ups are something I’ve been eyeing for a while now! Great pick.

  66. lovely selection. the florals are soooo pretty!


  67. LOVE that first skirt !!

  68. loving your blog 🙂 very chic 🙂 happy new year to you stylish one :)!

  69. i like this list honey, loving all the nudes. that sequin top is love!
    happy wknd darling

  70. I love the dresses from House of Fraser and Topshop.
    I think I’m a bit obsesse with florals! x.

  71. How could you! That deliciously divine skirt in the first pic is to die for! Have a whimsical weekend, my dear!

  72. Sweet wish list! I’m loving the skirt!


  73. The skirt from Asos is pure heaven … but I like everything else too! Oh no …

  74. I like the ASOS dress and shoes the most. Some excellent choices here.

  75. wow they are all gorgeous!!! i wish they have these brands there too! time to go check out the ONLY topshop we have lol


  76. Wow amazing items ! Summer is just a lovely season , because everyone will wear floral , bright color , and lovely outfits x)

  77. Such great picks! I would seriously wear all these amazing clothes!

  78. I’m a little bit in love with those first shoes! I love discount codes, they always make you feel a bit less guilty! x

  79. very cute stuff, my favorite is that skirt!

  80. i have fallen in love with the shoes from new look!!!!!!
    i want them!!!!!!

  81. Kb

    That dress is something to consider breaking the Topshop ban for…btw I remember you saying you have a Forever 21 voucher? Let me know if you want me to forward anything to you, as I haven’t forgotten the time you posted me the skirt.

  82. I love all these pieces in nude! It has been my color of choice lately! Also this dress at Marks and Spencer!

  83. Fabuleuse la première paire de chaussures et la robe est très stylée bravo!!!

  84. these are so perfect! I was so close to buying the daisy top!

  85. Anonymous

    That white dress is absolutely adorable.-Feather