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Welcome to a dull and dreary Wednesday folks,
I’ll kick of this post with an outfit then move on to the exciting stuff 😉



Now, I know a lot of you love vintage (as do I) so I wanted to share with you a fantastic vintage shop I came accross whilst procrasinating from doing what I should have been doing! I got in touch with the lovely owner Natasha Bailie to find out a bit more for us all as well. only started selling online last year and is already about to be featured in Novembers issue of Vogue showcasing her gorgeous vintage wedding dresses (which are selling out faster than she can source and stock them!)

“I like to bring my personality to my shop online as I used to love working in retail and chatting to customers. I wanted that same satisfaction selling gorgeous clothes from yesteryear online. I have my online chat button so my customers can ask me questions and have a chin wag if I am online too…which is most of the time. I chat about loads of things on my blog, vintage fashion, dresses, vintage furniture and generally just things i like or I have seen. I think it is really important for people to know who you are. I love meeting and chatting to customers and I love that they feel they can and that I am so contactable”

All the clothes featured on the website are hand sourced and quality assured. The website has a dedicated area for Vintage trends, a “Get the Look” section, A-Z of vintage and more.

My personal favourites up on the website at the moment are


This vintage style skirt (handmade)


Stunning pink dress, perfect with black tights, a belt and some boots


FAUX fur coat


Vintage boots (that just so happen to be my size if anyone is feeling generous!)

With worldwide shipping, great prices and a fantastic returns policy
(not to mention that Natasha is so enthusiastic and happy to help) go treat yourself now! This is honestly once of the nicest vintage online stores I have come accross and I’m saving up to treat myself to a dress or a bag…or shoes?! I don’t know. Something nice anyway!

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  1. I love your dress! 🙂

  2. honey this dress is so elegant! and your tights amazing !

  3. I love your outfit!! I am currently all about the unexpected, and you’ve got a chic dress on with fabuloso tights!!!!

  4. Although I can only just see them, I love those boots with the tights and the dress. Way cool!

    That site looks lovely… I haven’t seen it before so thanks for the heads up.

  5. babe, i love your dress. u look office chic! and the pink dress is cool too! :o)

  6. You are gorgeous!! I love that dress, the lines are perfect on you 🙂

  7. that skirt is amazing! it reminds me of the botanical/gardening books my mum and dad used to have piled on their bookshelves!

  8. I adore the plaid tights on you.

  9. I’m obsessed with that dress – I absolutely adore the little fluttery cap sleeves; and the keyhold about the neck is gorgeous! 🙂

  10. Gorgeous post, darling! Love all these vintage pieces, especially the coat!
    And you look fantastic ~ those tights are so fun!


  11. love your tights and gorgeous faux fur!

  12. Gosh you look so pretty in your dress <3 That vintage skirt is amazing, i love the flowers on it!

  13. Oh the dress looks so very pretty on you, I love it’s Victorian inspired style:)

  14. You already heard it but you rock that dress!It is so elegant, perfect fit on you!
    I have more from this Boots Natural Collection, I love the Body Sprays too to carry on my bag!

  15. Love your outfit! Thanks for sharing this shop, I’m gonna check it out!

  16. Those tights are to die for!

    Also, yay for online vintage! One more place for me to drool over all the things I can’t afford!

  17. Meg

    I love the sleeves on your dress! I also really like the vintage skirt!

  18. That site is FAB! love your tights too x

  19. I love how you made a simple black dress more exciting with the bright plaid tights! So cute. The vintage fur coat is fabulous!


  20. Eri

    Cute and punk! I love the tights, they are amazing.
    See you soon honey.

  21. I LOVE this dress! So pretty! And I love the crazy cool tights.

    Will definitely check out this shop as well!

  22. Thanks for sharing the link! Lots of lovely pieces in the shop.

    I like your dress, has a bit of a 40s inspired look.

  23. Love the tights:) Like a POP of colour!

    Great vintage stuff…trust you to be able to sniff out such great finds:DDD

  24. I love that outfit!! That classy dress with those wild tights is so chic. 🙂 And you look beautiful and elegant. Lovely!
    Thanks for letting us know about the new vintage shop. I will definitely have to check it out!

  25. that dress looks amazing on you!! x

  26. I LOVE that dress you chose. If you ever get tired of it, you can send it across the pond to me!


  27. definitely looking at that website!

    Thanks for entering the competition btw – good luck!

  28. love that dress you are wearing!

  29. fantastic outfit on you….the tights…I’m obsessed with all things tartan-esque.

    And yes, agree with you on the Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes. Perfection…..droooool.

    Thanks for sharing too about Natasha, will check it out.

  30. I love your tartan tights! I always seem to stick to boring black…where’s my sense of adventure??! xxx

  31. You look super chic in black! I love how you added color to the outfit thru the tights.

  32. This is such a lovely outfit. I love the collar.

  33. what a great find! will check it out.
    you look gorgeous by the way 🙂

  34. those tights are crazy cute!

  35. loving that vintage skirt, it’s so elegant. And I like your dress too!

  36. the skirt is so sweet! like the tartan tights honey

  37. That skirt is so pretty and I really love your tights! I think one or two other people might have said that. Ah ha

  38. Mo

    may I steal your tights, please? they are amazing!

    xoxo Mo

  39. Anonymous

    OMG, great outfit! The tights+dress+boots go together so well. Love it.-Feather

  40. great that you are sharing this treasure land – just checked it, wonderful site, indeed! xoxo

  41. Never heard of that shop before, thanks for sharing, she’s got great stuff. I’m gonna bookmark it 🙂

  42. I have a dress exactly like the one you have on! =D

  43. Bel ensemble la robe te va à ravir encore bravo