Outfit+Some Jewellery

I’m not so sure that applies to me, as my weekend promises to be more hectic than my week has been.
Work tomorrow, followed by a hen night and then lots of chores that I’ve been putting off in favour of doing sod all since last weekend!

Outfit today is a bit of a colour clash, the skirt was a gift from a friend and I was dying to wear it, but I’m not sure how versatile it is, and therefore, if I should keep it?!



I welcome any and all suggestions on what to do with it! It doesn’t help that it’s a little bit big, and doesn’t sit as it should.

I’m also, for the first time in ages, posting up some new jewellery for sale. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon of making things but need funds for Christmas. I was hoping to have my next batch of charms here by now, but they seem to be held up somewhere in the postal system!

Prices include shipping, and I mail to anywhere.
Please e-mail me at laurabudd1@hotmail.co.uk if you have any questions, or if you wish to buy.
Paypal/trades only, please =)


Heavy Silver Egg pendant on silver plated chain, opens up to reveal a baby bird.
£6.50 UK/£7.50 overseas


Clock, with mouse on the side. The mouse slides up and down the clock.
£6.50 UK/£7.50 overseas


Charm bracelet. Each charm opens up to reveal a hidden secret character or scene. Please e-mail me for details on each. A weighty bracelet, made with fairly expensive charms, hence the price
£17 UK/£19 overseas
but would make a fab present for someone!
Also, buy the bracelet and get either necklace for free.

Much love, and Happy Weekend xoxox

46 comments for “Outfit+Some Jewellery

  1. EEEEE <3 You have the same egg charm as my charm bracelet!!!

    Just when I think I cannot love you more…I am proved wrong:)

    Looking fantastic, girly!

  2. Love your outfit, that top is one of my favourite colours at the min :-).
    Skirt looks great the way you have it.

    Have a fun weekend

  3. oo i love the sailboats!

  4. The print is so CHARMing…nautical vintage at its best I think! ~xo*

  5. love the skirt, have a similar one i had forgotten about – when i get the blog up and running i will try to figure out how to put photos on and post some outfits!! char x

  6. i love that skirt so much! and the egg necklace! aah will have to remember to pop back here after pay day 🙂 x

  7. aww! i wish u strength for the weekend!! the hen night will be fun no??

  8. The skirt has a very whimsical, adorable print but I think it just probably needs to be shortened a little:)

  9. I loveee your pendants! So cute! And the print of the skirt is very cute, but kind of hard to pull off i think?

  10. I love the skirt, for me it would be more of a Spring and Summer skirt with bare legs and sandals. Have a fab weekend x

  11. I really like that skirt – it’s very whimsical. Perhaps you would like it more with a red or white top? Or maybe even layered over skinny jeans? I think you should keep it. 🙂

  12. love love love the skirt, the patterns gorgeous!
    have a lovely weekend!

  13. Hey hun have a fabtastic weekend 😉

    Hmm ideas for the skirt…how about turning it into a bag?
    I love the print!

    prettyneons XxX

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  19. Pick out one colour from the skirt to match a top.
    I would choose the yellow, but if you can’t wear yellow, definitely the dark blue, which has the added benefit of being classically nautical!
    Also I would make tights the same colour you match to the top, otherwise there’s a bit too much going on.
    Loved your tartan tights from the last post.
    And yes, that look plus the one little floaty gingham dress that didn’t have bra cutouts on it were my favourite C.Kane looks.
    The ones that are actually ‘RTW’, you know…

  20. is that skirt from new look? i really wanted it when i saw it but they didn’t have it in my size! i would probably pick a colour off the pattern and wear it with that. like a red t-shirt or something.

  21. that skirt is such a cutie, love the print!

  22. MJ

    I like the skirt and love the little clash – keep it!


  23. I love the skirt! I would defo keep it, if anyone can come up with a way of wearing it you can! And that looks great as you’ve styled today. x

  24. the print on your dress is aborable!!

  25. Fantastic outfit!!
    I LOVE the first necklace you posted.
    Have a great weekend!

  26. That’s such a cute outfit! I especially love that skirt.. very pretty. 🙂

  27. I love that skirt. You made it work very nicely with the shirt. Of course, you are so pretty you could wear anything and make it look fabulous! 🙂

    Gorgeous jewelry you have on sale. Unfortunately, I have no money either…sigh.

  28. oooo love the tiny boats like print on the skirt!

    you haven’t tried vitaminwater? Ohhhh noooo…. do they sell it where you live?

  29. Keep the skirt! Nautical is a classic print that will never go out of style. Plus, you can always pair it with any top that is blue, yellow, red or green (the colors of the print!). I’d use a tight tank tip or tube top, since the skirt is kinda big. Then just shrug on a warm sweater in another color.

    The skirt’s a keeper. And you look fab in it =)

  30. I think your skirt is adorable!! Maybe you can make it a little bit shorter? I love the jewlery you have for sale! The charm bracelet is lovely! xxoxoxo

  31. i love the skirt just like it is !!!

  32. such a gorgeous outfit, the tights are beautiful – a wonderful colour 🙂
    hope you have a great weekend!


  33. wowww.. you’re really pretty !
    and i really like your necklace 🙂


  34. CC

    Love the skirt! And the charm bracelet is to-die-for. It is so adorable. 🙂


  35. Keep the skirt, it’s cute! And the colour of your top REALLY suits you! You look beautiful, as always! xxx

  36. I like the skirt – I think I would pair it with a solid coloured fitted top that was one of the colours within the skirt? Perhaps red, or black? Perhaps it’s not SUPER versatile, but I still think it’s worth keeping.

  37. oh you look great, dear, and i actually think that skirt is pretty versatile 🙂 oh and thank you for bookmarking my shop! i was afraid people won’t like it. much love <3

  38. You look great in green 🙂

  39. hope you are having a good wknd

  40. LOVE the necklace! I love how each charm has a little surprise inside. And for the skirt what if you tried a boatneck unitard like one from americanapparel.net. It will keep the color above and below the skirt uniform and give more shape to the puffy skirt!

    -Lara From ClosetCat

  41. cute cuteeeeeee skirt
    and i love charms!!!
    charm pendants and bracelets are so much fun!


  42. love the necklace and the charm bracelet!

  43. I’m in love with that skirt! I was totally eyeing it up in New Look, but when I finally decided to buy it, it had sold out!

    It looks so pretty on you! It’d look great with a strong primary coloured top – red, blue, or yellow. Or even a vivid green. x

  44. Kb

    freaking love that skirt, such a whimsical print. I’m all for pairing skirts with bodysuits, maybe some black lace, even a bandeau if you’re feeling daring. If it’s a bit loose, I’d just get a thin belt to keep it in place, and maybe move the button on the waistband. If you ever fall out of love with it, you know where to send it…

  45. Kb

    Oh my god are you sure? That’d be awesome! But only if you are completely sure. Do you know the waist measurement?