New Dress


chosen by and paid for by my Grandad, bless his heart.
I think he loved the new Primark almost as much as I do!

As well as the dress I got a new grey boyfriend cardi and a denim shirt, which will be featured on the blog soon.

I am extremely lucky to have such a loving and supportive and very generous family as well as some of the most incredible friends.

I don’t have much to say for myself today, it’s been a quiet weekend with lots of reading and sleeping (and of course x-factor!)


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  1. sounds like a fun weekend! i havent watched x factor yet but i should really get round to watching it yet. i cant wait to see the cardigan x

  2. thanks for taking time to look on my blog.the dress is just so that your natural hair colour?it’s beautiful.have a lovely day.

  3. Kb

    Lovely dress, your grandparents seem really sweet! I need to catch up on X factor too…

  4. that is an amazing dress!

  5. love the dress…perfect for a night out dancing… 🙂

  6. so lovely dress honey !!!!!!!!!

  7. Your grandfather has great taste in dresses! 🙂

  8. Eri

    I love it honey! Looks fab on you.

    Have a good weekend.

    See you soon.

  9. Lovely dress, looks fab on you. Your Grandad as good taste 😉 x

  10. Your grandfather deserves a huge kiss! Love the print & proportion!

  11. wow, he has great taste!! That dress is gorgeous on you!!!

  12. Ohhhh I love this dress on you. The colours really compliment you and the shape is gorgeous.

    Lucky you…

    Love Jojo xx

  13. Love this dress!! looks great on you!! your bracelet that you won in my give away will be on its way to you on monday, im so sorry i havent posted it out yet time seems to have slipped away from me this week!! xx

  14. Hey, hey, hey =)

    Was noshing on some caramel chocolate last night, after dinner… and instantly thought of you, dear.

    Beautiful dress, loving that print on you!!


  15. Thanks, Grandad!
    This dress is just perfection, darling ~ you look lovely!


  16. Pretty dress! Very on trend =)

  17. I got that dress today, its lovely isn’t it. I msnsged to blsg a discount too as it had a tiny hole on the seam woohoo x

  18. I love the dress:D what do you mean with ‘the new Primark’?

  19. The dress is lovely !

  20. always love your side-profile :D, and how sweet that your grandpa made this purchase for you … and can not wait to see the BF cardi … speaking of that, i could’ve kill myself for not picking up one from phillip lim during the sample sale … now it would be perfect to put it on, :-)))
    oh!!! i will be posting a lot of backstage shots on my blog this week – come and give a look, love, xoxo

  21. gorgeous dress, can i have it? 🙂 haha

  22. this was a great gift . its so prtty i love the color and the length . its a prefect dress

  23. I need to raid a Primark when I go to the U.K. someday (:

    Gorgeous pick; you’re granddad has a lovely sense of style (;

    bisous, xx

  24. Fabulous dress – the print is AWESOME.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  25. Thanks for reading my 9-11 blog… it strikes close to my heart. :’)

  26. Meg

    I love the dress. Your Grand-dad has great taste!

  27. That dress looks so great on you!

  28. adore that dress on you! x

  29. so cute dress! you are so lucky to have so close relations with all members of your family!I love that!

  30. That dress is beautiful! xxx

  31. that pattern is awesome

  32. Aww, I love Primark dresses and yours is gorgeous. Good on your Grandad! Gemma x

  33. Beautiful girl in a beautiful dress – yes, U Honey! U! 🙂


  34. Very nice dress! Love the print 😀

  35. That dress is so pretty! So sweet that your grandad picked it out – some great taste on his part!

    It looks lovely on you!

  36. Fuck , fuck, fuck I 100% ADORE AND WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soz for all the swearing LOL.

    prettyneons XxX

  37. Gorgeous! I rarely go to Primark because it’s always so busy with people but everyone seems to find so much great stuff there. And what a generous gift from your granddad 🙂 Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  38. aaahh.. that’s pretty cool from your granddad!
    it looks cute!


  39. MJ

    From Primark? I haven’t seen it! It looks awesome!

  40. Your grandfather has excellent taste. That dress is beautiful and looks amazing on you!

  41. Love your dress, it looks beautiful on you 🙂

  42. your Grandpa must be gorgeous! you look fab by the way 🙂

  43. I’m impressed this dress is Primark. Your Grandpa has great taste 🙂

  44. lovely. thank god for grandparents. : )

  45. wow! your grandad should start his own blog. he has great taste!!!

  46. E

    AH! It looks like Balenciaga from that incredible floral collection! That’s so cute that your grandfather got it for you!

  47. I love your dress! It looks like an awesome/crazy impressionist painting. ^__^

  48. Not only your dress looks amazing- but you too!!!

    This is a great look on you dear!


  49. Oooh, great dress! You look so pretty!

  50. You look great in that dress, very lovely! you are so lucky to have such supporting, loving family & friends. It’s a great deal! 🙂

  51. You have lovely grandparents!! I adore the dress – it does not look like primark – looks very expensive.

    I passed by a sign for your little town (remember you mentioned it on your blog yonks ago) on the way down to Cornwall and back in the last week – I thought of you as soon as I saw the sign!

  52. super super cool spacey pattern!! Love it!

  53. How adorable is that your grandfather chose that for you. SO cute!

  54. No way, that dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  55. Your new dress is looking too cute!! I too got a new one in blue color!!

  56. You granddad has impeccable tastes. Chosen for S/S10 ;p

  57. such a cute dress, primark always comes up with some great pieces. Wish they would bring it to australia already!!

  58. ok, i LOVE this dress. Was looking at something similar on TopShop and trying to convince myself it was more important than groceries. I didn’t give in but I think groceries were the wrong choice….

  59. wow this dress is amazing! it looks like an erdem copy. i’ll have to pop into my local primark i think…i don’t care if everyone else will have it too haha

  60. Anonymous

    Such an arty dress!