November’s Insta-moments

How is it December already? Seriously? I won’t lie, I’m really loving the run up to Christmas this year and now it’s officially December I feel it’s ok to wear sparkly makeup for day and festive knits whenever possible but still,
this year is just flying.
And with that…here’s the latest generic Instagram round up! To be honest it is even less exciting than usual but it wouldn’t feel right not to do one now!
Looks cute, behaves vicious.

A lovely get well card from a friend.

Loved up.

Before my hair got the chop.

I love the colours at this time of year.

Christmas treats from Marks and Spencer

Apparently anything Christmas related causes great offence to Mae

But all is forgiven in an instant.

Second favourite popcorn brand…and this flavour is sublime.

Most evil looking gift from Ben ever. At least it isn’t a real furby, just a happy meal toy stolen from his four year old sister.

Primark hat with ears- that’s my head warmer sorted for the season.

Christmas tree crumpets! c/o Asda

Pleading innocent after eating books.

My very mature lunch box.

Percy Pig porridge. Yes, it turns pink and taste of sweets. Amazing.

A little cheer up gift from the cafe cat

White eyes.


Return of red hair.

How not to spend a Friday night!
Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to, link me to your posts.

6 comments for “November’s Insta-moments

  1. Aww I love the picture of you and Ben! So sweet. Plenty of cats and sweets, just how it should be. Hope you’re feeling better lovely xx

  2. Amazing photos, but what about your last one…are you ok my lovely? I can’t believe it is December either. It went absolutely far too fast this whole year.

  3. ooh your red hair looks fab! And Mae eats books?! Strange cat… hope you’re on the mend xx

  4. You and Ben are too cute! xxx

  5. I want Christmas tree crumpets!!! How nice your hair looks and the loved up shot is sweet!!! X

  6. Such a lovely month (mostly, I hope you are feeling better now). Loving the red hair x