Nuts for Knits

I have a real weakness for knit-wear, I always have. For a while I was known as “Cardigan lady” an although my collection is now not as large as it once was, I can’t resist browsing!

When an e-mail dropped in to my inbox introducing “Quality Knitwear” I admit, I almost just clicked delete. The name didn’t scream enticing

but I clicked. And I lusted. And now I’m blogging.

Quality Knitwear (QK), the exciting new boutique vintage knitwear company, officially launched its online shop today at

QK takes a fresh look at vintage pieces, offering some of the cutest and quirkiest knitwear hand-picked from around the world, with an emphasis on style and quality. The website showcases the best and most comprehensive range of patterns and styles in the vintage market, with an ever-evolving collection of unique pieces to suit all tastes.

The current collection includes a great range of quirky and classic cardigans, jumpers, dresses and sweaters incorporating all styles from classic Arans, Guernseys and Fair Isle knits to 80s mohair, Nordic knits and the more contemporary ‘geek-knit’ style Cosby sweaters. As the company name suggests, quality is paramount and QK’s [hyperlink] range focuses on natural fibre pieces, many of which are original handknits guaranteeing that their knitwear is not only stylish and on-trend but also long-lasting. In short, it’s ‘keepsake fashion’ at its best!

Quality Knitwear was founded by Lucy Grimble a 24 year old PR executive from London: “I’ve always had a passion for knitwear, but found that I was often disappointed by the quality of some of the pieces on the market. With Quality Knitwear I hope that I’ve been able to not only create a collection filled with personality, charm and individuality, but one which is also affordable and of the highest possible quality”

Prices start from £29

Here are my favourites from the site!

Ahoy Sailor; £38

Scottie; £36

Peanuts; £40

Are you a knitwear fan? For me, it has to be the only up-side of Winter weather!


(all photos in this post are from QK website)

OH, and for anyone who asked, the cupcake cases are from Morrisons!

31 comments for “Nuts for Knits

  1. I love a good bit of knitwear too! At the moment I would like an Aran jumper like the bottom one pictured, but in a bright colour like blue or hot pink.

  2. Awww the scottie one is soooo cute!!
    Knitwear is definately one of the few plus sides of winter

  3. Aww the scottie dog jumper is so cute Would be fab with thick tights x

  4. I love knitwear, it’s just so easy to wear and layer up.
    The scottie dogs are so lovely xx

  5. the scottie dog jumper is very cute 🙂 i love layering cardigans, i always get too warm in jumpers though so avoid them..

  6. I am a HUGE fan of knits myself; however, you rarely have any need for them in SoCal. Sadly. 🙁

  7. gorgeous picks!! x
    loving the sailor one:)

  8. I love cardigan and I definitely need more in my life. I love the sailor jumper

  9. thanks for posting laura, i’m always always always after new knitwear xxx

  10. Great choices, I love the last one (: Thanks for inspiration!
    xoxo from Hannie

  11. I love knitwear so much, as much as i hate the cold in winter, i love all the magnificent knitwear pieces!
    that scottie jumper is adorable, but my favourite piece is the peanuts cardigan, STUNNING!xx

  12. digging that sailor one!! x

  13. Oh I too love knitwear but I always just look so bloated in it! It’s really bad, so the only kind of knitwear I can wear is a cardigan that is not buttoned. Anything else just looks ridiculous at me!

  14. thanks for sharing this post!the pic is amazing!
    as for the knits
    i love the ahoy sailor one!
    check me out if u like!

  15. Eeep, this stuff is super cute! And I probably would never have clicked on it either…

  16. Aww all your picks are so cute, i love a good jumper 🙂

    Stacey xx

  17. Oooh, good pieces! I especially like the last image.

  18. Oooh I love the Scottie jumper – so cute!
    I’m such a sucker for knitwear too, especially a nice cosy cardigan. I’ve got drawers full of them!

  19. I love knitwear and they are so cute!
    Claudia xxx

  20. I’m obsessed with knitwear too & all of these are lovely. xoxo

  21. I’m a knit lady too!
    These are amazing, if only I could spend money right now…
    That first pictures is stunning!
    Thanks for sharing Laura.

  22. the cardigan in the first picture is incredible, perfect for the 70s revival I imagine =)

    Hannah xx

  23. my winters especially wouldn’t be complete without some serious knitwear. love it! my goal and challenge is to carry the love through other seasons as well…
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog; come check it out if you’d like!)

  24. I’ve never heard of them but Ahoy Sailor is beautiful!!

    I’ve never found someone else that has the same feeling about the time they get up so YAY!


  25. Abi

    You and me both. Nothing like a cozy knit to get through the cold months. The cute doggies on the scottie knit makes it beyond adorable

  26. That scottie one is cute as!
    Ang xxx

  27. Definitely a huge fan of knit wear I have a massive amount of it! It does make the winter season much brighter 🙂

  28. I love knitwear but I always find it so hard to find cardies of good quality. The material is either too thin or the sleeves not long enough.. I found a perfect cardi in Miss Selfridges but it was £70.. couldn’t afford it at xmas 🙁

    These look lovely though, love the nautical one

    Bhav x

  29. it’s all about the knits for sure. love these. NEED these! 😉