On Repeat

So, Wednesday’s work outfit ended up being a fairly recent duplicate; I have nothing against wearing outfits more than once, I just subconsciously seem to spread it out for longer most of the time!
I have such un-dying love for this dress from Peacocks though and it is perfect for work! No shame in rocking something you love, right?

(Does anyone else get like this about repeating outfits?)

((Do you, as a blogger hate showing the same thing twice?))

(((Do you, as a blogger hate SEEING other people wear the same thing twice in fairly quick succession?)))



7am does crazy things to a girls poses when she is hyped up on breakfast and coffee!


These shoes are also from Peacocks, but from about 3 years ago, I really need to get them re-heeled, but that costs more than the shoes did!


The jewellery. The ring is from Ethel Austin (before it closed down, sob) and the Locket was a blog giveaway win!

Hang in there guys, we’re almost at the weekend


52 comments for “On Repeat

  1. I have no problem seeing the same outfit twice. Heck, I always wear the same thing all the time. But don’t like showing on my blog all the time. If I was rich I would have a new outfit EVERY day but alas I am not πŸ™

  2. That dress is great, i’d wear it lots too! I get in a rut of wearing a handful of clothes repeatedly, then i have to force myself to break out of the cycle!

  3. I don’t really mind showing the same thing twice!! I mean we’re real humans after all, I’m not working of a supermodel budget!

  4. The dress is really cute and love your ring! Sometimes I think it’s boring to show the same thing several times but we’re only human (as someone else said) and can’t all have huge wardrobes of clothes. And as you can vary looks with different accessories it doesn’t have to be quite identical x

  5. i try to leave it a little while before i blog the same / very similar outfit, but i do sometimes wear the same outfit in short space of time, mainly due to lack of inspiration / if i’m in a rush or somethign and grab somethign i know worked ok fairly recently!
    sometimes i won’t post an outfit again, or i;ll just post about somethgin else!

  6. The dress looks amazing. If I had it, I’d wear it a lot! I try not to repeat the same outfit too much, but I have nothing against it. I think people will understand that there is no way I can afford to do different outfits all the time.

  7. Am i the only one that thinks cheaper clothing/shoes serves us better? love you!

  8. That dress is stunning on you, I think if you love wearing something you shouldn’t feel bad about repeating it, not when it looks this good xx

  9. If it looks good and feels great it really doesn’t matter if you repeat an outfit! Who can afford a new outfit everyday?..
    Dress looks fab x

  10. dress envy! πŸ™‚ it’s so versatile though, you need to make the most of it πŸ˜‰

  11. It’s a fab dress on you so you should wear it lots. xxx

  12. I looove this dress, i tried it on but the peter pan collars don’t suit me at all x

  13. dan

    I know what you mean, I probably wouldn’t want to post the same outfit twice, which is silly cos noone wears different clothes every single day! I love that dress xx

  14. I think it’s just human to wear something similar every other day ^^ And Black always works . The necklace is super cute btw

  15. Sweet giveaway win! Blogs are nice. x

  16. there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing an outfit twice. it’s all about how an outfit makes you feel rather than what other people think. if you love the dress then why the hell not wear it again and again?!
    it’s a gorgeous dress. you can accessorise it in different ways to make each time you wear it unique.

  17. I hate posting repeat outfits! But when other bloggers wear them, I don’t even notice, haha. I just wait to post until I have something new.

    β™₯ Leia

  18. i’m always wearing the same outfits (like my take ten outfit, i wore it last thursday to college, minus the heels), but i tend not to post many of them, simply because i don’t post everyday. as my mum can only take my photographs on certain days, i tend to save my best outfits for when i know she is available, hehe. i always wear the same pieces, though, sometimes featuring them straight after one another, as that is what my blog is about – secondhand clothes and rewearing pieces in new ways. it honestly doesn’t bother me in the slightest if bloggers repeat the same outfit, i prefer if they do to be honest! i’m fed up of bloggers wearing ‘new’ clothes every darn post and then never featuring them again on there blog. the dress is just lovely on you though, you should be weaing it lots! have you experimented with tucking it into a skirt yet? i bet that would look lovely πŸ™‚ xx

  19. Love the all-black look. The collar’s adorable.

    I don’t like posting the same thing close together. I don’t actually mind having almost identical outfits in close succession on my blog (or seeing that on others’ blogs), but I figure why go to the trouble of taking pictures and creating a post when I just posted the EXACT SAME OUTFIT less than 2 weeks ago.

  20. I dont mind seeing bloggers wearing the same thing more than once we dont have never ending budgets and sometimes it is nice to see how something can be worn different ways to create a different look.

    I wish the receptionists at my doctors looked like you fab work outfit xoxo

  21. Viv

    cute outfit, love your accessories!


  22. this dress is gorgeous and i don’t see a problem in posting similar outfits – especially if its showing an item restyled. Its not like in real life we only wear things once! x

  23. You look awesome, and wearing the same thing twice is human nature. I did it too, if im too lazy to mix and match my clothes or to find my new clothes πŸ™‚

  24. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same thing over again, especially when you’ve got a dress as cute as that.

    I recycle outfits all the time, but sometimes if I wear the same dress too often I feel bad for my other dresses, as if they’re missing out. Rather silly, I know!

  25. Love the Peter Pan collar dress!


  26. J.

    I don’t think it matters. As long as you love the outfit, it is all good πŸ™‚

  27. You look fabulous girl, I think one of the reasons I don’t do that many outfit posts is that I always wear the same things I get lazy trying to make different outfits sometimes XD

  28. Such a pretty dress, worth seeing again! I don’t mind repeats because it’s pretty natural, no one really just wears everything once! I try to mix up my repeats with different accessories or cardigans though.

  29. love the dress! i’ve been looking for it for a while but my peacocks doesn’t have them πŸ™
    i don’t mind seeing things more than once, i think it’s more realistic if anything! xo


  30. wow ! You look fab, hope work is going well too ! I don’t mind seeing people on the same outfits on blog.. i have been trying to make a point of not wearing the same things over the past week at work as i sometimes get stuck in the same habit !

  31. I love peter pan collars and I love black, so this outfit wins. I tend to wear the same outfit a lot until it gets dirty/I get bored then I find a new one, and a lot of my favourite bloggers (like res pulchrae) do a similar thing, I see nothing wrong with sticking with what works. x

  32. Repeats are all ok, everyone does it. When all else fails I have my favourite pieces to rely on, lovely. This is a pretty dress and goes with those shoes a treat πŸ™‚

  33. Your dress is gorgeous. If I had it I would wear it over and over.
    Oh and I’m so in love with peter pan collars!!!

  34. I always wear the same things, but only ever post up if they are variations. I love it when you find the perfect dress, or sweater!

  35. i JUST had this dilemma. i suppose you feel like as a fashion blogger you should be doing something different EVERY day and wearing something new. That just is not sustainable! i am questioning my outfit choice for tomorrow and revert to something i have worn on the blog at least 3 times.
    OH WELL! Real life gets in the way of the internet.
    x fi

  36. I don’t mind repeating outfits or seeing them either! It’s a fact of life I’m going to wear the same clothes more than once haha. I love this dress too, it’s so so comfy.

  37. That dress is amazing. If it was mine Id wear it all the time.
    p.s I love your blog – am now following πŸ™‚

  38. If I had this dress I’d be wearing it all of the time it’s so nice – I always think that it’s your blog so you can post whatever you want, but I definitely don’t mind seeing the same outfits again! xx

  39. Love this dress, you can’t beat a good Peter Pan collar!! As a blogger I do not to repeat the same outfit twice but I will repeat items of clothing worn with other things. As a reader I rather see an item styled different each time it’s worn than the exact same outfit for a second time

    Hannah xx

  40. I LOVEEEE the Peter Pan collar!!

  41. Aw, I miss Ethel Austin! I love the locket, too. The dress is gorgeous – I tried it on but sadly it didn’t suit me (also I was holding out for a white collar). Looks lovely on you. I don’t mind seeing repeat outfits, if someone really loves something! Also I think showing different ways to wear something is kinda cool, too.

  42. Kb

    Really loving the ring, I must get hunting for one like that. I don’t tend to repeat complete outfits as I have so many things that I’m struggling to wear in the first place. Though it’s great you’ve found a dress you love and it’s no surprise you want to wear it over and over.

  43. Reheeling is so expensive. I have the same problem as you with so many of my shoes and one day I will probably break my neck because of it.

  44. I don’t see anything wrong with a repeat outfit (I’m about to post one myself). It’s realistic, we don’t all have the clothes to wear different things all the time.
    Plus it is a very pretty dress and like you say total classic for work.

  45. I loooove that dress!
    I repeat outfits, I think everyone does, well everyone normal haha. But I like to take on a different touch, like accessories, shoes, for it not to be exactly the same. As Rebecca of the clothes horse say, it’s remixing πŸ™‚

  46. i loove this outfit!!

  47. It’s a really cute dress! I like seeing outfits more than once; it reminds me that bloggers are real people. And I don’t have huge amounts of clothes, so it’s pretty inevitable I’ll wear things again and again! But I do try and spread it out at least a month apart. No real reason why…

  48. It’s such a lovely dress and it suits you so well. Those shoes are so cute too.

  49. Nothing wrong with remixing a favourite clothing item in my opinion! Especially not one as cute as your dress!

    Also – love the ring and that locket!

  50. That’s life! We re-wear shit all the time, the blog should revolve around your life and clothing. Not the other way around!


  51. Where are you taking the shoes to be re heeled if it costs so much. I used to get mine done in the key cutters and cobblers in Neath and they only charged me Β£4 for a pair of metal heels.

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