On my radar- Phase Eight at John Lewis

Phase Eight is one of those brands that passed me by for years. They are a British highstreet institution and yet I was ignorant to their existence.
Then something happened, my tastes started to change and I could no longer spend hours trawling through cutesy tees and baggy jeans. I wanted sophisticated, refined style and so I started browsing, starting with department store extraordinaire John Lewis and there I stumbled across their concession of Phase Eight goodness.
After a good couple of seasons browsing and the ownership of both a dress and skirt from the brand I’m now sharing my A/W most coveted from the new collection.

For me, the first thing I’ll think of when I hear the words “Phase Eight” is dresses. Top of my wishlist are these two. The Dora, pictured first for a winter wedding perhaps (if I was going to one) and the Turner dress for a sophisticated work to bar look- something the brand does brilliantly.
Another work wear want is the Kitty skirt. It may be a bit out there for the office but dammit, if you can’t have fun dressing for the 9-5 then I don’t want to be a grown up.
Finally, with Winter clawing it’s way in I really, really want the Agnes Aztec coat. I have just purchased my Winter warmer but argh, this is just stunning (and far too out of my budget).
I’m so in love with all of this, and a heck of a lot more from the collection but sadly my more grown up tastes also come with a more grown up lifestyle and that means less spare cash around for pretty things. Still, they hold pretty good sales so I’m crossing fingers and toes that some of this has its price slashed.
What brands have you ignored in the past only to love now?

5 comments for “On my radar- Phase Eight at John Lewis

  1. That coat is gorgeous but I am not supposed to eying of coats in this heat.

  2. wow I love the first dress. It is perfect. Totally my style. Now I want it!

  3. Ah, that first dress is seriously brilliant!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  4. Ah, that first dress is seriously brilliant!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  5. I’ve started noticing Phase Eight more and more since last year’s Bristol Fashion Week! I love the coat, it’s so luxe and stylish. <3

    Tara xo