Party Night

Ok, so it’s a Friday evening, I have the beginnings on a cold and I’m sat in my PJs and nursing a cup of tea…and so wishful thinking is leading me to this post,
you see, a couple of weeks ago, George  sent over a gorgeous dress that just begged to be styled up.

I was pretty surprised to see what a great collection of party dresses that they had…George reminds me of my school days (mainly because I got a lot of my school basics there) and I hadn’t really considered checking there for my party shopping despite previous fabulous finds from their clothing range.

Please excuse the downright shit quality of these photos. Tiredness and winter lighting = I gave up after the 378534th attempt.

I know it breaks all the rules, but I do have a soft spot for black and navy together.


16 comments for “Party Night

  1. Lol i may have put the exact same dress as my number one choice….

  2. Gorgeous dress, george have some lovely stuff in recently! x (I agree re tesco’s tights!)

  3. Gorgeous. Rules are made to be broken xxx

  4. You look fab in that dress!!

  5. George, you say? Who’d have thought. Sympathise with the photo impatience – it can be so annoying/boring! x

  6. The dress is so pretty, and I reckon it can definitely pass as a party dress, you look gorgeous


  7. You look great! The dress is gorgeous.

  8. The dress is totally stunning! Who knew that George had such clothing??? However I must say that the shoes by New Look are fab…I love sparkles…however I am yet to discover a way to wear such beautiful shoes without falling off them lol! xxx keep up the fabness, truly inspiring xxx

  9. It’s a good choice Laura and you look pretty and ladylike there and very coy sitting!

  10. Vix

    What a lovely classy dress, a perfect little frock for day or night and you look lovely in it. x

  11. Gorgeous outfit, I love the dress and I really like navy & black together x

  12. Love the dress, I think navy and black looks fab together x

  13. You look fabulous, the sparkly shoes spice it up & I also think navy & black are fine together!

  14. it is really an incredible, stunning, basic and sincere video of the strategy. I’m this kind of supporter of one’s perform! I’d please take a chunk regarding sweet off any shrub every day.