Party Perfect with Phase Eight

I often think Summer should also go by the name “The Wedding Season”. All of a sudden invites are popping through the post, and we all know at least one person who has a fancy affair to attend to. I hadn’t actually been to a wedding for years until my friends Louise and James tied the knot last month, and when shopping for an outfit I was at a bit of a loss. Phase Eight Collection at House of Fraser have a stunning array of wedding perfect dresses and although I didn’t shop there myself, I am kicking myself for not looking there on my hunt.

The three dresses at the top of this post are my personal favourites (Top to Bottom- Kells, Pero and Rhona (currently sold out)). The first two happen to be in the sale right now too, so I suggest snapping them up fast if you have an event to attend! I chose fairly classic shapes and colours as my picks as I think dresses should be purchased with more than one occasion in mind, and I’d wear all of these several times over!

What do you think of Phase Eight? I know I’ll be looking there next time a friend announces their engagement (Congrats Hazel and James!)
Which of their gorgeous dresses is your favourite?

*post written for House of Fraser*

9 comments for “Party Perfect with Phase Eight

  1. I love the last one- no wonder it’s sold out!
    I do love a good wedding 🙂 xx

  2. I’m loving these, especially the last one. No wonder its sold out.

    X x

  3. I’m going to a wedding in a few weeks and have no idea what to wear! This helps though, very pretty dresses. They do some great maxi dresses! X

  4. Love that top one lots!! If only I was rich and slimmer *sigh* xx

  5. Phase Eight is one if those places that I always forget about, perhaps because there isn’t a store locally. I’ll have to remember this for the future, although after ten years of numerous weddings most of my friends are now married!

  6. love the last dress best! xxx

  7. I have a wedding to attend – but Im the brides maid….lol but those dresses are very beautiful.

  8. I really love that first dress.