Pepsi Max #LiveForNow

So, I’m not overly familiar with London Town but I know there are some pretty fun and exciting things to do there- some of which I have explored (hello M&M world!) and some of which are on my ever-growing “must do” list. This campaign from Pepsi Max, called #LiveForNow features Dynamo as he explores the sights of London in the most extreme and fun looking way possible…if only it was possible for us all to do it like that! I really like the ethos of this campaign, taking time to make the most of what’s around you and looking at it from a new perspective. It’s something that I’ve tried to employ in my every day life and so far, it’s working. The world is suddenly an exciting and freeing place to be and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier; I wake up each day curious to see what new adventure lays ahead, even if it does land me in stressful situations at times. As many of you know, I’m recovering (still) from an Eating Disorder and something I’ve learnt over the years is that life is too damn short and we really all do need to #LiveForNow

2 comments for “Pepsi Max #LiveForNow

  1. What a crazy video! I’d love to know how he did it!

  2. AMEN to this!!! what an awesome, positive message!
    i love london – but sometimes i wish i could go there and see it with a fresh new approach… for a fun spontaneous trip or something 🙂