Designer & Desirable

In your Pocket dress, £70

Eclipse dress, £95

Firehouse playsuit, £95

I am generally quite fickle when it comes to brands and designers, liking only one piece per collection/season but whilst browsing Designer Desirables last night (as you do on a sunny Monday evening) I found myself drawn to multiple pieces by Finders Keepers. I’ve featured my top three pieces above but there is also a gorgeous mini skirt and some fabulous crop tops that I have my eye on…
The entire website is worth a browse to be honest, it’s been on my radar for a while; stacked full of celebrity favoured brands to suit all tastes and budgets. There are some well known labels on there as well as some lesser known ones that are a little harder to come by, I’m quite taken with this bag by Anna Smith which costs a mere £34 and would be fantastic for summer days and nights (it comes in four colours in total in case pink isn’t your thing)

My first purchase from the site was a few years ago now and cost me what felt like a fortune now but actually wasn’t. It was a t-shirt with a quirky design on that I’ve never seen elsewhere…that’s the kind of thing I like when I shop, something you’re not going to see on 1000 other people walking down a street and that’s why I can feel my fingers itching to click “purchase” on a few more items in the near future. I’ll admit the site slipped off my radar for a little while but it’s now firmly back on there with good reason.
Have you shopped with Designer Desirables before? If you’ve had a little browse then what has caught your eye?

4 comments for “Designer & Desirable

  1. Desirable is definitely the correct word used for this, i’m loving all these pieces!!!! xx

  2. I agree — I don’t want to look like 1000 other people either.

  3. I’ve never heard of this site before! But that little playsuit is super cute xxx