Pick and Mix

Primark jumper (still going strong after several washes, best £5 ever!), Matalan skirt (another £5 well spent!), Superdrug tights, Faux fur collar, Jeffrey Campbell boots c/o Sarenza

The collar actually came with my blue River Island dress but being detachable it lends itself perfectly to mixing and matching with other outfits. After yesterday’s experiment I’ve decided I rather like this collar lark so hit me up with your favourites so I can make some purchases when I actually get paid (ongoing saga if you follow me on Twitter!)

Back to work again today, I love my Tuesdays off as by the time I go back on a Wednesday it feels like a really short week as Monday is all but forgotten.
I have my first training as a phlebotomist today (blood taker) and I am really quite excited!

What other accessories are good for mixing and matching? I’m open to all suggestions and links (feel free to pimp your own shops!)


38 comments for “Pick and Mix

  1. Fab outfit girlie! Hope you get paid soon, can’t imagine how frustrating that must be! Xoxo

  2. The collar looks great with your outfit. For me I love my scarves. It’s such an easy way to add colour to any outfit with out breaking the bank.

    Hope your wage issue gets sorted soon.

    X x

  3. I hope you get paid, how frustrating it must feel to have to wait for it!

    Love the boots, and the outfit, but those boots… can I have them? Pretty please 😉

    Good luck with training! xxx

  4. I love that collar and those boots me dear. AMAZE xx

  5. in fact, on second glance i totally love the entire outfit. I want 🙂 x

  6. Looks great! And the new banner matches your skirt so well;)

    At the moment I am all about brooches and shoes<3

    Have fun at the training today!

  7. love the fur collar & the super cute skirt. I am also loving detachable collars, they are so easy to wear & jazz up outfits. x

  8. your shoes are so nice. love the outfit


  9. I love the boots and the faux fur collar!


  10. Love this outfit Laura… and those boots *love*
    I wouldn’t be without my scarves… you may have noticed a few on my blog recently… I wear them all the time and think they add something to every outfit.

  11. Super love that skirt! I’m off to matalan later actually, for the first time in ages so I’m hoping for some bargains!

    Enjoy your phlebotomy training!


  12. What a gorgeous skirt and I love your header!

    Emma xx

  13. Love love love those boots!

  14. That is such a great outfit, really love how you’ve put it together.

  15. Amy

    Those boots are to DIE for!!!

  16. What a lovely outfit- especially love the skirt!

    Hope you get paid soon! 🙂


  17. Gorgeous skirt and shoes and that collar is divine xx

  18. The whole payment situation must be so frustrating for you – I hope it gets resolved soon!

    I picked up a little faux fur collar in Joy not so long ago, which goes really well over both jumpers and coats.

  19. I loooove your shoes! x

  20. I always say this but seriously I love thart skirt, and I love what you’ve teamed it with xx

  21. I LOVE this collar on you, I find that lipstick and hair accessories are very versatile!

    Maria xxx

  22. I love that skirt and the collar makes the perfect winter accessory xxx

  23. I love the collar. Amazing that it is detatchable so that you can sue it for other outfits.

  24. Cute outfit 😀 i really like the skirt and boots! Collars are the best too.

  25. Every time you wear those boots I get a little jealous, love em!

  26. Ooooh, I hope today went well for you … and the blood giver 😉

  27. Laura you really do have impeccable style! I love your shoes. Thanks for the lovely comment too. xxx

  28. I love this combination; the collar is lovely 🙂

  29. Look at you cutie pie! Looking lovely as always!

  30. love that skirt and boobs. Enjoy your training (not something I could stomach)

  31. I love the boots and that collar! Hope the training went well 🙂 xx

  32. Looking lovely. Well done on how well you’re doing at work, I’ve been reading your blog and proud of you.

    I’m not brave enough to try a collar, feel a bit old for loads of fashions lately lol, need to mix things up a bit. Xx

  33. This is really pretty!!!! Just love your shoes and fur collar!! So chic:)

    Kisses, Lucy:)