Pile Up

Summer is the perfect time to wear a whole mismatch of bracelets high up your arms as the short sleeves and sun kissed skin make for the perfect backdrop for your treasures.
It’s something I don’t do that often. I have a vast jewellery collection and yet my bangle selection is lacking. I’ve been browsing Market Cross Jewellers and made this little wishlist of what I would be wearing in an ideal world.
As you can see, the pieces stand out well alone but would also blend in well together. The best thing, in my opinion is the range in prices- from £4.50 for the teal beaded number in the bottom right hand corner through to £180 for the Links of London bangle in the top left. This means I could, theoretically start my collection right now and continue to build it though saving, Birthday and Christmas through until next Summer. Genius.
I don’t think I’ll be able to wait that long though. I’m off to Spain in two and a half weeks and it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll come back with a (to steal a phrase I hate) “arm party” to rock through the rest of the season. Jewellery out there is everywhere and oh so affordable,
that won’t stop me browsing Market Cross  in the meantime though.
Are you a fan of stacked bracelets?
How high do you go?
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5 comments for “Pile Up

  1. I went through an arm party phase but I found they got in the way at work and made a noise on my desk, which was really annoying! Now I just wear them occasionally, normally for a night out or special occasion.
    Love the one top right x

  2. Really like the beaded one!used to wear heaps of bracelets on both arms but its not so practical for work nowadays so I tend to just wear one or two:)

  3. i love your ‘arm party’ comment, i too am heading to Spain and cannot wait to stack my arms high with all kinds of beaded and shelled bracelets!

  4. I love how they look, but bracelets bother me so much to wear!! I end up taking them off as soon as possible because I hate being able to feel them when I rest my arm down somewhere!

    Corinne x

  5. So lovely! That is very amazing you are going to spain so soon, you must be so excited.