working day attire

Top: New Look
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Georgia Rose
I may still lack the body for pencil skirts (one day my weight will catch up with my food intake) but I had a sudden yearning to wear one for work the other day, and so I did. Tight fitting clothing has long been my enemy so if I am ever in the mindset to wear it, I roll with that.
Loving this top from New Look- I think it was £9.99 and it seems to be a hit in general as at least one of my work colleagues said they own it too. It’s so light and airy and will also be perfect for my holiday; which I will shut up about soon!
I’m not sure why I’m posting work wear on a weekend, 
I certainly don’t intend to think about work much today, nope. I shall be heavily focused on chilling out in the park, or the boy’s garden. Or a mixture of the two. I love spending weekends with him, especially as it often involves spending time with other friends and family too.
What are you up to this weekend?

18 comments for “working day attire

  1. You look lovely! Hope you have a fab, relaxing weekend, I have to work :'( xxx

  2. You should wear pencil skirts more often! Love the combination of the lose top and the fitted skirt, it looks so chic!

  3. You look lovely x

  4. Laura you look so sophisticated!

  5. You look lovely! Hope you have a great weekend, sounds like you have some great plans!

  6. Liz

    Love that skirt, you look great. My body’s gone too far the other way and is most definitely unsuitable for pencil skirts! Hope you have a good weekend xx

  7. Love your top!looks really good with the skirt!:)

  8. You’re absolutely stunning girl.

  9. This looks great, I struggle to find good outfits to work in the summer when it’s so hot!

  10. Those shoes are totally stylin’ for work! Me likey. 😉

    Tara Xo

  11. hurrah for pencil skirts, keep rolling with it x

  12. You look great in this outfit! I love the print of the top 🙂 xx

  13. Sounds like a blissful weekend! You totally rock that skirt btw xxx

  14. The skirt looks great on you even if it’s not fitted. Love the print on the top. Have a lovely weekend x

  15. I really like this outfit, you have definitely given me some workwear inspiration!

    Maria xxx

  16. love the outfit! It’s the perfect mix of smart casual!

    Hannah xx

  17. Wow you have the perfect figure, this outfit looks fab!

    I’m your latest follower on GFC & Bloglovin!

  18. Love this combination 🙂 the vest top looks perfect with the skirt. I think you pull it off pretty well 🙂 xx