Pink Lady

This is another outfit post involving part of my recent and somewhat epic clothing haul, I got a bit carried away in the sales on the Saturday before last and bought so much stuff without spending much money at all- just the way it should be!
Sorry the photos are somewhat bland, the weather was against us when we took these and it was a real case of dodging the showers. Oh British Summertime, how I adore you.

Dress: Primark | Tights: Boots | Shoes: Primark

Primark had so many dresses I’d eyed up previously reduced to just five pounds…I know Primark is hardly expensive to start with but I do begrudge paying out £13 for a dress that a few years ago would have been only £8. Still, hang on long enough and most things end up around a fiver and my luck was in on this particular trip. The shoes were also a purchase from that weekend, they were £6 I think and very much needed for work. I’m super fussy when it comes to ballet flats and oddly Primark is one of the only places that make them to suit my feet. Should have bought a spare really, I am hard on my flat shoes.
I’ve really slipped on the tights front over the last year or so, sticking to the most boring pairs possible. This pair was lurking at the bottom of one of my drawers still in their packaging. They were only £1.50 in Boots’ reduced section and given that they’ve barely lasted one wear I’m glad I didn’t pay more!
I don’t know how it’s suddenly mid-July…I’m baffled as to where my year is going and starting to get restless as I don’t have a Summer holiday booked. My next time off work isn’t until the last week of September and I might try and book a last minute trip somewhere (assuming my passport renewal is through by then!). Where would you recommend for some late Summer sun on a budget?


6 comments for “Pink Lady

  1. I really need to start thinking about winter wear, yes I know its mid July but I’ve been wearing the same items for FAR too many years now …. the old favourites that keep getting pulled out for yet another year – any ideas?

  2. Aww hope you squeeze a lovely break in before September, you work so hard and totally deserve it! 😀

    Loving the heart print on your tights, so pretty and paired against that beauty of a pink dress makes for a stunning look! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. Maria

    ” I do begrudge paying out £13 for a dress that a few years ago would have been only £8″

  4. Dude, if you find the rest of the year, let me know. I need to hunt it down, as I’m definitely due some kind of time rebate!

    Loving your Primark sale bargains, I didn’t bother in the end, but a sneaky ASOS order or 2 did happen for me! Fingers crossed for hols too, Spain is usually a good bet for a cheap deal!

  5. Maria

    Hi Laura,

    Maybe you should watch this documentary tonight ––clothes-to-die-for – it might make you think twice about not wanting to pay a mere few pounds more so people don’t have to die making you a pink dress.

    I know we are all guilty of buying things without thinking about who made them or how they were made, but I would love to see bloggers rather promoting the idea that we should all pay a little more, even if that then means buying a few less items, for the the sake of people’s lives.

    I wish fashion bloggers would start being a little more aware of the industry they are writing about, don’t worry you’re not the only one, you just need to type the word ‘haul’ into google/youtube to see what I mean 🙁

  6. Really love this outfit! Peter pan collars are so cute. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista