Once upon a time I was known for my love of tights and regularly blogged about my extensive collection. These days my choices are a little more reserved and I mostly stick to my trusty black opaques, that’s not to say I don’t appreciate luxury hosiery though and I am forever on a quest to find tights that will last more than two or three wears. Enter Heist who launched only last Friday. A luxury brand designed in London and made in Italy the team spent a year working with a collective of 67 women to design the perfect pair of black tights and when they asked if I’d like to try out a pair I was more than happy to oblige.

Dress: H&M (here) | Boots: Stylist Pick | Tights c/o Heist

These aren’t your ordinary tights, for starters there are no seams which given them a wonderfully smooth look under any outfit. The yarn count is five times that of any other tights making them extremely durable (not to mention a pleasure to wear) and then there is the revolutionary waistband that’s made on a separate machine and hand sewn on to each pair of tights, you can even pick from a high waist or a low waist depending on how you want to wear them.

I opted for a 50 denier low waist pair (£20) which may feel pricey for a pair of tights but these really, really aren’t just any old pair of tights. They arrive in a super luxe black box and slip on like a dream. They feel far more substantial than my usual Primark staples and there is no fear of causing a ladder just putting them on. The waist band is super comfortable and the low waist means they slip under skirts with no band peeking out of the top and despite putting them through their paces there are no signs of wear and tear.

The other styles available are a 50 denier high wait (£22) or for a sheer approach a 30 denier style also in a high waist (£21) or a low waist (£19). As I mentioned, these might seem pricey initially but give them a try and I think you’ll see they are well worth their price tag. Convinced? The team at Heist have generously offered readers of my blog a generous £5 off of their first purchase when they use code HeistLovesDaisyChain. Use this code to get £5 towards your first purchase from Heist Studios at www.heist-studios.com. The code is valid on first time purchases for 14 days from the date of first publication (until 9th November) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. For more information, please refer to the T&Cs at www.heist-studios.com.

See more from the brand and follow their journey by checking them out on instagram or on twitter. Also please take a moment to appreciate my bargain H&M dress, a real Autumn/Winter winner.

Be sure to let me know if you try out Heist tights, it’d be great to know if you’re as impressed as I’ve been with the brand.


Mustard Florals

It might be March now but things are still feeling distinctly chilly, I honestly can’t wait to be able to ditch the long sleeves and winter coats but as I have added some seriously lovely Winter dresses to my collection over the last six months I don’t mind too much that they are still required- cost per wear and all that…

Dress: Louche at Joy | Tights: Betsey Johnson | Boots: Betty London | Necklace: Wolf & Moon

After a spate of popping in to Joy and making a cheeky purchase every time I was in Bristol I haven’t actually made a purchase now since before Christmas. I’m trying to get together a few extra funds in order to update my wardrobe for Spring/Summer and judging by the new in section on the Joy website it looks like a few of those pennies will be heading their way.
How long has it been since I last sported a pair of snazzy tights? It’s been quite some time for sure. I still have my vast collection, of course, but I seem to have little cause to wear them these days- between wearing uniform for most of my shifts, and having to wear smart office type clothes for the rest of the time I just reach for something plain, or jeans when I am wearing casual clothes. I think I’ll make it a mission for the upcoming weeks to incorporate something jazzy a bit more often, I’d forgotten how much of an impact some patterned tights can add to an otherwise plain outfit.
What’s on your shopping list for the new season? Top of mine is a pair of flared jeans and then perhaps some other Seventies inspired pieces (that’s a whole other post). I have a lot of clothes from previous years that are still going strong, and I need to watch my money so I won’t be doing a lot of shopping but I’m not going to deny myself completely.


Pop That Collar

Happy Christmas Jumper Day folks! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this fundraising day in aid of Save the Children for weeks, any excuse to break out some knitwear and raise money for a good cause is a winner by me! No novelty knitwear in today’s post (although I am sure there is plenty of that to come) but the outfit does feature a rather snazzy jumper dress so the link is there, kind of!

Dress c/o La Redoute (last year) | Tights: New Look | Boots: Betty London

I can’t get enough of the stunning collar on this dress, I’m a big fan of details like this, meaning I don’t have to remember to put on a necklace as well as getting myself out of the door in the morning (it’s not an easy task!) and the colours in this mean it lends itself well to all manner of other accessories. I wore this outfit during my week off for a day spent pottering around the local shops and spending two hours on a driving lesson- they seem to be going on forever! I picked up these tights last year but New Look still sell them, I’m on a kick with tights again at the moment and ended up buying four pairs in colours other than black last week from Primark, oops!
Despite my promise to myself to put less pressure on myself to blog daily I seem to have been on a real roll lately. With Christmas less than two weeks away I can’t promise how much longer that will last for though- I think in the New Year I’m going to implement a stronger “quality over quantity” approach though and put more effort in to perfecting photography and writing posts that have actually got something interesting to say for themselves…
Are you taking part in Christmas Jumper Day? Don’t forget to share some pictures!


Best of British (part two)

Welcome to the second of my posts featuring fabulous tights from the Marks and Spencer Best of British collection. Of the two pairs I was sent I think this pair is my favourite; they are a bit bolder and more in your face, whilst still remaining office appropriate (although just in case it wasn’t obvious, the outfit in this post wasn’t worn to work!)

Top: New Look | Dress: River Island | Tights c/o Marks and Spencer | Boots c/o Duo Boots

I can’t remember the last time anyone saw my hair tied up, to say it was a bad hair day would be putting it lightly, but it did make for a bit of a change even if I did feel super scruffy.

I really liked this outfit, I’ll probably be wearing it quite a lot over the coming months, with a jacket or cardigan as an extra layer as it was more than a teensy bit chilly in the garden when we took these photos. I was so tempted to start scooping up the leaves and throw them around, but a quick think about where Mae does her business put paid to that idea.

I really need some more of these M&S tights in my life, they are the nicest quality and perfect to jazz up my work wardrobe. At under £10 a pair I think they are pretty good value, especially as I’ve worn both designs a few times now and I’m yet to put a hole in them- that’s a true sign of a decent pair of tights if ever there was one.
Only a few more days left of November, I’m feeling super excited for Christmas this year due to not being incapacitated, but it does seem to be sneaking up faster than I thought!
How would you style these tights? How are your Christmas preparations coming along?


Best of British (part one)

It’s been a long time since I had a new addition to my tights collection that wasn’t plain black or nude. Tights used to be “my thing” but ever since I started working pretty much full time there has been less and less place for my crazy colours in my wardrobe during the week and at weekends I tend to find myself slobbing out in jeans and a jumper. Still, when Marks and Spencer offered to send me a couple of pairs from their “Best of British” collection (which celebrates British Design with some cracking pieces) I could hardly say no- the tights queen still resides in me somewhere!

Coat: Joy | Dress: A-Wear | Tights c/o Marks and Spencer | Boots c/o Duo | Necklace c/o Modern Vintage Style | Bag: Mulberry

I’ve not really managed to capture the pattern on the tights here but they are a truly gorgeous grey and black houndstooth which just so happen to be perfect for work. I paired them with this simple skater dress that I picked up a couple of years ago for just £5. I wish now I’d bought a couple as it just gets better with age, it has the perfect flattering fit and is the softest jersey I’ve ever worn. My trusty Duo boots finished the office attire, I’ve been living in this ever since they arrived and I get compliments all the time.
No outfit would be complete at the moment without my pink coat, it’s the redeeming feature of the colder weather and attracts a lot of attention. I’m hopeless at capturing what handbag I’m using on a daily basis but as I was out and about on a little (Christmas) shopping trip with my best friend and my Mum it seemed rude not to pop my Mulberry in to the pictures. I was so worried I would be too scared to use such an expensive bag, but actually I use it most days as it’s the perfect size for carrying around all my rubbish; on a cost-per-wear basis it’ll soon be practically free!
Lately I’ve been wearing this gorgeous necklace from Modern Vintage Style with everything. I love the unusual Smokey Quartz and the way it catches the light. The website is a fairly new find for me and I love everything they have on sale. With a gorgeous mix of vintage and handmade pieces there is something for everyone. My magpie eye has homed in on several more stunners to add to my collection.
This has turned in to quite a lengthy post as for once I have a lot to say about what I am wearing. I have another pair of these tights to style and feature in an up-coming post which I can’t wait to show you…dear tights, I’m sorry I neglected you for so long!