playing princess




Pencil Edge veil


Dress : Idress
Wedding Veil: bestweddingveil
Bracelet: Gift
It’s prom season and I have serious envy of all the girls dressing up right now. Back in the day when I had my year 11 leavers ball dress choices were both limited and expensive and I ended up not 100% loving what I wore and feeling guilty that I never wore it again (it was a brown silk maxi for anyone who’s wondering). This dress from Chi Chi may not be something I’d have chosen as a 16 year old who was a bit of a tomboy but it suits my current tastes perfectly. Anyone on a last minute hunt for a dress could do far worse than visit this amazing site, my dress retails at £49.99 which compared to the £100 I spent on my once worn Monsoon number is a total bargain- I’m also seeing it as potential for any summer weddings or posh parties too!
Bonus points to the weather and new patio table for letting me get some outside photos too. I would of worn this all day if I had somewhere to be, I love dressing up and feeling like a princess.
What was your prom dress like? Or if you’re shopping for prom right now, what have you got your eye on?

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  1. What a gorgeous dress – and such a good price.

    I wore a red satin number (sounds vile, looked lovely!) which I managed to pick up in typically thrifty style from a sale!!

  2. *swoon* That dress is gorgeous Laura! I love the exposed back. We never had a prom at school so no prom dresses for me 🙁

  3. dan

    that dress is so beautiful! xx

  4. Vix

    How pretty you look.
    Proms weren’t around when I was at school. We had a leaver’s disco. I wore red floral high waisted trousers, a matching vest and electric blue fetish boots along with a spiral perm (well, it was 1985). xxx

  5. Sooo pretty! For a second there I thought we both had the same chi chi dress! 😉

    I wore all black and looked like Morticia…*shudder*


  6. Ah what an incredibly pretty dress, you look absolutely lovely 🙂

    I wasn’t too thrilled with my own prom dress. I’d picked one out a few months earlier but then my weight changed rapidly on medication so it was a case of finding something that would do last minute which took the fun out of it 🙁 I absolutely loved my jewellery though, got the most amazing star and pearl necklace from Mikey 🙂

    Florrie x

  7. what a lovely dress, the back is gorgeous! xx

  8. Beautiful dress, you look super gorgeous, it compliments your colouring.

  9. This is my favourite outfit of yours ever. I just got a dress c/o Chi Chi and I was really amazed and happy with it. I adore the low back, the lace and the colour. You look beautiful.

  10. This would be perfect for prom, I agree!! I really love the back, that’s sexy.:) I actually didn’t go to my prom, it was my own choice and I don’t regret it one bit, but I remember I wanted to wear leather pencil skirt and a black corset over a white long-sleeve shirt.:D

  11. Beautiful Laura 🙂

    And you forced me into buying one of their dresses to boot (well okay not forced but I couldn’t resist).


  12. Oh Laura you look beautiful here, I love that photo of the back of the dress! I wore a brown silk maxi too,which was Monsoon but I got in a charity shop, spooky!

    Maria xxx

  13. Aww sweetness, you look BEEEEyoodiful 🙂
    I don’t have Internet at home at the mo, so I’m somewhat absent! But I couldn’t resist checking in to say howdy. Hope you’re doing good! Hugs xx

  14. Liz

    Love these pictures, you look beautiful. My prom dress was black and purple, I seem to remember. And, no, I never wore it again! xx

  15. Such a pretty dress!

  16. Wow honey you look beautiful in that dress what a pretty look! Like Vix proms were before my time and I’m glad my 16 year old self would have hated it xxx

  17. Cat

    That dress is beautiful! Suits you well too 🙂

    Cat, XO

  18. Mat

    i never went to a prom but i did crash my friend’s one time. great to see some photos in the sun dude, you look well.

  19. this is so pretty, especially the bow on the back! i loved my prom dress at the time, it was a greeny-blue ball gown type but i’m never going to wear it again! x

  20. That dress is soooo pretty! 🙂

  21. You look fabulous! This dress is so pretty!
    My prom dress was ivory with an overlay with gold flowers on. Maybe something like a bride would wear? (not bfgw style though!) Many at my prom wore bride/bridesmaid style dresses, Haha. I loved my dress. I still have it but it was something I could never wear again, not your everyday dress lol. Xx

  22. You look beautiful Laura. Thats such a stunning dress.

    x x

  23. Beautiful!
    My year 11 prom dress was a several sizes too large, purple, floor length hand-me-down from my mum and best not spoken of.
    My college leavers do dress was gorgeous, blue and black from Miss Selfridge. I still own it. Good times!

  24. This is gorgeous and you’re looking mighty fine too! I love the back of the dress and your shoes.

    Jess xo

  25. wow you look gorgeous, that dress and the heels are stunning x

  26. Beautiful dress x


  27. Back of that dress is amazing <3 xx

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