Because I love seeing what other people got!

(missing is my Winter Coat, that will be shown at some point and a gorgeous tea set from a friend)

I also didn’t get the rabbit bear, that’s Pie who you’ve seen before, the outfit was a present *still a child*

Has anyone hit the highstreet yet? I haven’t, bar passing through town en route to the grandparents, where I picked up a cardi I’d wanted from New Look for £12. Tomorrow my parents, brother and I are going to Park Street and Ikea…HELP!


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  1. i love the bear..wooo marmiteeeeee

  2. You got some lovely things there. I love seeing other people’s pressies.

  3. Love that you got Marmite and tights! xx

  4. I love everything you got!

  5. Lovely presents 🙂

    I shall be doing a similar post hopefully tomorrow, it is nice seeing what everyone got 🙂

  6. wow! Look at your haul! Lovely bits and bobs x

  7. your gifts are so crafty!! merry christmas!!

  8. Ahhhh such lush gifts± I got tights and a marmite gift set and instantly thought of you. And sale shopping, haha…have you seen the papers today? 70,000 people were at the trafford centre today in manchester BEFORE lunchtime. Madness. Goodluck!

    love love x

  9. Lovely presents hun, apparently town near me wasn’t too busy today but good luck with going to Ikea tomorrow! x

  10. Oh lovely things! All so very you as well!

    Thank you again for my lovely things 😀

    I’m avoiding the sales this year. Can’t be faffed with all the hustle and bustle.

  11. Nice Presents! God help you at Ikea
    the madness there I can only begin to imagine.

  12. Ouu very nice. My mum got the WHOLE marmite set from my brother. Frankly, i think, anything marmite related is just sick. Nice to see you survived the sale mania. xx

  13. You got tights! Perfect for you 🙂

  14. So many lovely things! 😀

  15. I love getting tights as gifts! my favorite!

    Miss Neira

  16. you got some lovely presents!

  17. You got some lovely things!!!
    I had a very Hello Kitty Christmas!!


  18. aww I like pie’s new outfit! You know what, I didn’t get a single pair of tights for Christmas this year, so very disappointed 🙁

  19. what adorable pressies honey.
    Hope you are having a good festive season

  20. Ah, might need that Cath Sewing book to go with my new machine!

    Hope you had a good Christmas and that ikea/Park Street wasn’t too hellish!

    Penny x

  21. Aaaw what a glorious hoard! You lucky lady 🙂 Naaah I’ve not hit the sales. I’m of the opinion that it’s not worth my time – I don’t ‘want’ anything in particular so if I did go armed with money I’d only impulse buy. What are your tactics? 🙂 jazzy ♥

  22. Such a sweet selection. V excited about your future craft projects! I got lots of baking based presents too. Glad you had a great Christmas. x

  23. ooo i see some pretty tiiiiiights ; )

  24. lovely gifts, i have the exact same santalrosa set too! – tomorrow my aim is to find a white chocolate terrys chocolate orange!

    come and check out the new layout at fashion-train!

  25. very cute gifts!! hope you had a wonderful christmas:D

  26. Great presents. That Cath Kidstonset immediately caught my eye!

    I haven’t ventured into the high street tomorrow. That’s what tomorrow’s for!

  27. awww your pressies look so cute! Is that a sweet little notebook I spy? and what could be better than marmite eh?
    you lucky thing, im having my unoffical xmas present giving tomorrow as i was in france for the actual day – cant wait:)
    i maaay have purchased some sale Holly Fulton leggings from ASOS – LOVE THEM!

  28. Wow, that is amazing! So many lovely things:)

    I love seeing presents too and will hopefully post some of mine soon too.

  29. I love seeing other people’s presents! I got the Next sweets calendar too, in fact I want to try and get some dates written on it so I’m organised for the New Year. The Hello Kitty selection box looks so cute xx

  30. Gorgeous bits – yay for tights and socks!

  31. What cute presents you got!

    I got my little bro the big marmite mug. Bit jealous though – they’d sold out when i nipped back after xmas wanting to get one for myself!


  32. So many lovely gifts 🙂
    Love the tights and books/stationery.
    I will post a blog with my Christmas gifts shortly.