pretty pampering

What’s a girl to do when she’s been ordered off work to rest her foot and is bored, in pain and just a little bit grumpy?
The answer is to dig out her prettiest products, sent via the lovely Panier des Sens en Provence and get pampering.
I was put in touch with this brand by the lovely Jill after admiring how gorgeous they were on her blog post. The folks at Ashleigh & Burwood, stockist of the brand were generous enough to send me over a couple of bits to try as well, and I can now see why she raved.
Not only are they very, very easy on the eye and worthy of being on display on any dressing table, they smell and feel amazing too. The Soothing Provence hand cream smells of citrus and summer days and makes my hands (and feet) feel silky smooth and loved.
The Energizing Verbena body lotion was the perfect treat for my dry and dull skin, less scented than the hand cream but not lacking in the performance department these products may cost more than I would typically pay (and yet are cheap compared to many a beauty blogger’s favourite brands) but I would re-purchase for how pleasing these are, both in aesthetics and pay off.
And with that, my silky soft skin and I are back off to work, hand cream in bag to rescue my hands after an over dose of alcohol gel and industrial strength soap.
What are your little luxuries or pick me ups for days when you feel a bit rubbish?

4 comments for “pretty pampering

  1. I am OBSESSED with hand cream and I have to put it on every time I wash my hands! I love body shop products esp the vanilla ones and the strawberry body butter which smells like strawberry frozen yoghurt 🙂

  2. Can’t beat a good hand cream 🙂 yesterday I chose to wear my Chanel Chance perfume for work as a pick me up, because I wouldn’t usually wear such an extravagant perfume for work but with my mouth being overtaken by what I believe to be cold sores at the moment, it was definitely needed! xx

  3. These are so pretty! I’d definitely buy them just to have them on my dressing table :L

    My little pick me up is always red lisptick, it instantly makes me feel better. And Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip balm, which is pretty essential if you’re going to wear red lips :L x

  4. A slick of lipstick (on an otherwise make-up free face) always cheers me up. That and custard cremes 🙂