I carried a watermelon

Tee c/o QCumber
Jeans: Oasis
Vans via Sarenza
(and it’s about time Mae showed her cutie-pie face around here)

So a while back the kind folk at QCumber sent me a jumper featuring bananas….fast forward a few months of watching the new brand grow from strength to strength they got in touch again to see if I’d like to sample a tee from their new summer range of t-shirts.
Slowly but surely I’m coming round to the idea of jeans and a tee, I’ll always opt for dresses or skirts first but from time to time dressing down is the order of the day and this tee makes it much more fun! The watermelon print is quirky and perfect for summer and I love the loose but not overly baggy fit. You can pick from a whole host of fruits, currently on sale at £14.95.
Thanks for the well wishes for my foot procedure, it went well (I think) and I wasn’t hanging around all day at the hospital as it first seemed I would. Four hours on a day case unit, a hobble down the ward followed by a cup of tea and a biscuit and I was allowed home to rest up. Rest is the order of  the day today as well, then back to work tomorrow and business as usual for the next two months whilst we wait and see if it’s done the job. I hope so, I really do…I have so many plans and exciting things on the horizon and my foot has been holding me back; that and I really don’t fancy the next option of surgery!
I think today will mainly consist of blog browsing, online window shopping and a lot of curling up with a good book,
how do you like to spend your rest days?
It’s also a good excuse to catch up with my parents who are sickeningly brown after a week in Menorca…roll on my holiday in the sun (seeing as our Summer has gone on strike, again)

22 comments for “I carried a watermelon

  1. Fingers crossed that the foot heals as it should now – I’ve been out of action for almost 6 months because of mine! Broken feet, eh? LOVE the top, Laura x

  2. Ooh I do love a good shoe/t-shirt match! Definitely the perfect casual outfit. I really really hope that this is the end of your foot troubles – you deserve to be enjoying the ‘summer’ to the max x

  3. Tell me about it I hate hospitals and have been spending most days there lately seeing my dad!

    Glad it all went ok. Mae is a super cute kitty x

  4. Hoping the foot doesn’t take long to heal.

  5. haha great t-shirt, I hope your foot gets better soon xoxo

  6. hope the foot heals nicely! Quirky prints are definitely perfect for Summer 🙂 And yes so annoying that the sun has disappeared again..x

  7. I always love a fun top like that!

  8. cute t-shirt!! aww little Mae <3 Hope you get better soon x

  9. Liz

    Love that t-shirt (and that line!) It’s my day off today… I’ve mostly been cooking. xx

  10. Such a cool and quirky top! Love the Dirty Dancing reference too 🙂 xx

  11. Oh this s THE most amazing t-shirt EVER!

    Maria xxx

  12. Oh dear me. THAT TOP! THAT TOP! IT’s so unbelievably cute! I can’t even deal! XXX

  13. This top is so cute! Hope your foot gets better soon. x

  14. Glad the procedure went well, fingers crossed that’s it sorted out now! LOVE your tee, it’s so cute xxx

  15. I do love the good old tee and jeans look!

    Rest days for me are basically blogging too! What could be more fun?

  16. This is such a cool t-shirt! xx

  17. Aww Mae is too cute! Glad your foot procedure went well, hope your resting up sweetie xx

  18. Oh, I sure wish your foot is fine and you won’t need any surgery. I know how health issues can ruin a person’s plans and it sucks!

    On the brighter note, that top is really cool, I wanna carry a watermelon too.:D

  19. Angela

    I’m just catching up on your blog!

    I love that the shoe color matches with your shirt! I like that outfit – it says young and hip!

    I hope your foot healed fast and its working ok now.

  20. Angela

    I’m just catching up on your blog!

    I love that the shoe color matches with your shirt! I like that outfit – it says young and hip!

    I hope your foot healed fast and its working ok now.