What a difference some sunshine makes eh? Last weekend was just beautiful and it was brilliant to ditch the cardigans and jackets and feel the warmth on bare skin. Summer weather makes me so happy…sometimes I seriously contemplate moving to a country with a more constant source of sun.

Dress: Primark | Shoes c/o Yull Shoes

I wouldn’t usually pair such a jazzy pair of shoes with a patterned dress but for some reason this combination just worked. You can’t really see the shoes, but they are the Primrose style in Purple from my favourite footwear brand, Yull. I actually own a prototype pair of the Primrose shoes too, and they are my second favourite style by Yull, my favourite being the Chelsea Flower range and they are so comfortable and well made, with the perfect heel height for day time wearing.
The dress is a recent Primark purchase and cost, I think, £10 which wasn’t too bad. It’s a lovely material and hangs nicely but it is a bit on the short side and I remember when the most expensive dresses in Primark were only £10…now they are pretty much double that, and on principal I rebel against buying those (although I’m not sure why!)
I do find Primark quite hit and miss, but lately I’ve bought a lot from there and there’s still a lot more left I love. Alas, I’m feeling a bit too skint even for there at the moment after recent purchases but give me a few months and I’ll be heading back for another haul.
Have you found any gems in Primark lately? TGIF!


11 comments for “Primrose

  1. Your floral print Primark dress is beautiful and you look fabulous wearing it. I think it may be my favourite of all the dresses I’ve seen you showcasing to date. The way you feel about Summer is the way I feel about Spring. I’ve been loving it and don’t want it to ever leave. Enjoy the beautiful Spring and Summer weather and have a lovely Friday and weekend!

  2. The sunshine was so lovely *le sigh* hopefully it’ll make another appearance soon… not too keen on this cold and wet weather (again!)

  3. I used to buy just about everything from Primark but I can’t remember the last time I went there, tbh.

  4. That dress is the prettiest print! I don’t shop in Primark that much any more, I only go to stock up on socks and tights haha!

  5. I haven’t been into Primark in the longest time, I just can’t face the idea of the chaos, even though there are some things I kind of need (tights, a beach towel….. ). Loving this dress on you, I always find Primark and H&M dresses come up super short- luckily you have the legs for it 😉

  6. Looking gorgeous here Laura! And I have to agree, the sun always makes me feel better.

  7. Liz

    I went in to Primark to get some tops for work and saw lots of summer clothes I liked the look of. Will have to go back when I’m less poor 😉


  8. Aww looking very cute, that dress totally suits you!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  9. Careful in Primark dude, buy cheap and you buy twice. Look out for the best fabrics and not too trendy stuff!

    Buckets & Spades

  10. Ellie

    My friend’s comment on these pictures was “fantastic pins” and I can’t agree more.