Blushing Beautiful

I’m a bit obsessed with dresses, so when Wallis announced a dress edit campaign I was ready and raring to get browsing. I do love a bit of Wallis, I don’t shop there much but Mum does and I often find myself borrowing her pieces- and I believe once I accidentally ended up with one of her handbags after using it for so long she forgot it was hers!
With Summer full of special occasions to dress up for I’m working on a little theme today; occasion wear in a range of beautiful blush shades; in my eyes that’s PINK, from the palest of hues to a full on fuchsia. I’ve popped some of my favourite dresses from Wallis’ vast selection below, hopefully you’ll find some inspiration there for a wedding, garden party of prom.
1. I think this coral pink chiffon dress is stunning, and perfect for a Summer party with some statement heels and an arm full of bangles. I already own something really similar to this and I plan to style it up with gold accessories if I get a hot invitation over the coming months.
2. This pink lace keyhole dress would be perfect for a wedding, it’s super flattering and in one of this season’s hottest colours. If I didn’t already have my outfit for a friend’s July wedding this would be a strong contender.
3. It might be pushing it to put this multi sequin print maxi dress under the pink category but it is a heavily featured colour on it, and it was just too stunning not to feature. I always find maxi dresses surprisingly versatile, and this one would be wonderful for a nice meal out, or just for a day shopping in town with friends…the right footwear is key for the occasion!
4. I love this pink lace dress. Perhaps it’s my new found bingo wings talking, but something that hides the top of my arms appeals quite a lot right now and as this is quite a neutral colour it can be styled for several events in a row whilst always looking different. I actually think this would be really nice for a prom, with some fun accessories, who said you have to go for a full on ball gown?!
5. Ok so this clearly isn’t a dress, but I love pink and gold together and couldn’t help but pop this sparkle box clutch bag in to the post…I’m thinking this is actually going to end up being the bag I take to my friend’s wedding as I’m going for gold accessories, I love the shape and think I’ll just about be able to squidge in essentials for the day!
Be sure to check out the dress edit on the Wallis website, they have some really stunning pieces at some really awesome prices…and I have to say, although they might be a little more expensive than some high street brands you get what you pay for as everything wears and washes perfectly.


5 comments for “Blushing Beautiful

  1. Most of these aren’t really my thing but are certainly v pretty and would make for a beautiful outfit for someone! I do like the rainbowy print though x

  2. Such pretty pieces! I think Wallis has some lovely things sometimes x

  3. In all honesty, Im not loving any of these, just not my style! But the clutch is cute!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  4. In all honesty, Im not loving any of these, just not my style! But the clutch is cute!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  5. Love the coral pink chiffon dress, its beautiful.