Print Overload!

I think this set of photos show how sloppy I can be with my dressing sometimes, far from being a perfectly polished blogger you’ll most often see me with a failure in shirt tucking or a ladder in my tights. I think that keeps it real though, even if it might not give the best of impressions all the time…I don’t think I’ll ever change though, I’m genetically incapable of looking neat and groomed for more than a few minutes on any given day!

Dress: Primark | Tee: Uniqlo | Tights: Primark | Boots: Simmi Shoes

I wore this outfit for a retirement BBQ last weekend as we had such nice weather it seemed a shame not to wear something so bright! I rummaged through my tights drawers to find a pair that stood out a little bit; I used to be so well known for my love of snazzy tights and I’ve let that slide lately. I picked this pair up for something insane like 50p in Primark during one of my random browsing sessions.

The boots might be quite high, especially as I’ve lived in flats for so long but they are actually incredibly comfortable and I had no problems staying on my feet in these. I need to get back in to heels again, I don’t want to become that girl who gives up high shoes as she gets older, flats have their place and they are best for a work day, but nothing beats slipping on some killer ankle boots for a weekend (unless you’re walking miles around the local area, as I found out the hard way!)

I’ve got a mad busy week ahead of me, but after than a whole week off lies ahead. One of those weeks where I have no plans as such, just a couple of commitments, none of which involve having an alarm set for stupid o’clock in the morning…I can’t wait!


8 comments for “Print Overload!

  1. The tights are great … wonder how they would go down on the school run for me? mmmmmmm 😉

  2. You look well groomed to me. My hair always looks messy and my cardigan askew with Nora Batty style tights. I hate the ones I put on today, they refuse to stay up and I spent the whole walk undignifiedly hooking them up. It’s only 8am, they’re gonna drive me mad. X

  3. Hoiking not hooking!

  4. Wow this dress is gorgeous, I love the print and colours together. You can never have too many patterns. I have been mixing more and more recently.I also adore the pinafore style, would really like to get something like that.

  5. Best tights ever!! xxx

  6. Love that colourful print! Have a lovely week off.

  7. I love that dress! Hope you enjoy your lie-ins 🙂

  8. This came up on my dashboard and HAD to click on it. I love a bright pattern and this caught immediately (I didn’t even realise it was you who posted it until your blog loaded up – I was that quick to click the link!)

    Morag x