Pullin Pants

Firstly a massive apology to tights please for the delay in getting this post up. You see, when I volunteered to review a pair of Spanx, I didn’t really think it through and for someone who struggles with their body image badly, the idea of seeing what I *could* be, whilst trying to accept myself for who I am caused a bit of a battle.
In the end my Mum stepped in, all too eager to get her hands on the package that arrived…and so here we are, almost a week later with a joint effort review!

Spanx power panties are the ultimate Waist Cincher aiming to give an all over smoother look and pull you in where it matters most.
What we liked most was the cycling shorts design, more substantial than body shaping tights and discreet enough to wear under a flimsy skirt in place of a slip (a real selling point for Mum). The extensive size guide made it easy to get the perfect fit and unlike some support wear, they were easy to get on and off.

Now, the before and after shots. Mum doesn’t need anything in the way of Waist Cincher support so you don’t get the best example of how great these are.



This is a skirt she never wears due to it’s clingy and unforgiving nature.



VERY impressed with the smooth finish these gave. She’s stashed them away far from my reach so she can wear the skirt more often.

We would definitely opt for Spanx again, they certainly live up to the hype surrounding their name.

If you want to give these a try you’ll find them available on Tights Please (a.k.a. Laura’s personal heaven)


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13 comments for “Pullin Pants

  1. I love spanx. I love waist clinchers.
    One of the greatest inventions EVER.
    That is all.

  2. I think I need to get myself a pair, it’s just smoothed everything out!! x

  3. I love my spanx! They look fab on your mum, really smoothed her out. Bonus points for hiding the VPL too!


  4. ahhhh WOW they work so well,i want a pair šŸ˜€

    kate xo

  5. I hardly ever wear shaping garments, but I like that its still her same size just smoother, not trying to fake being teenier or anything. I’m convinced no matter what size you are, if your clothes fit well and comfortably you’ll look amazing.

  6. Your mum is brave! These look/sound good. Always get put off by the price though. And the fact that lots of ‘shapewear’ makes me feel quite queasy by mid afternoon… x

  7. Not sure what I think. You mom looks fab without them too.

    X x

  8. Your mum looked nice without them šŸ™‚ but here that they can do wonders! x

  9. Wow, the after shot is fantastic, even though I do think your Mum looks nice in the first photo too. This would be perfect if you had a very tight, body-con dress like you say though, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for these. xxx

  10. Aw thats what mums are there for! I have some non branded ones and they are perfect for a stream lined effect x

  11. Oh god, VPL is the bane of my life. Spanx are good for the seamless line.

  12. WOW! they really do work. Might have to invest in a pair.

  13. Whoa that’s your mum!!?? She looks so fit.