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The Salon Look could not be a more apt name for a website that stocks products that look like this. I’ve never taken much interest in looking after my skin before but when I get sent products like Thalgo Soft Hydrating Emulsion which looks like it belongs on the shelves in a salon, not in my bathroom I can’t help but want to use them and start taking better care of my body on the outside as well as the inside.
I’ve always been a sufferer of really dry skin and being so housebound lately it’s become drier from central heating so I’ve been applying this straight after I’ve had a warm bath to really get the benefits. It has a lovely, subtle scent that just screams “posh”.
Once upon a time I wouldn’t have even contemplated spending over a fiver on any piece of skin or hair care but blogging has opened by eyes and given me opportunity to try things I’d never otherwise have discovered and I’m building up quite a collection of higher end products that I’ll be replacing when I run out.
The Salon Look are currently also offering an exclusive deal which I’m excited to share with you. If you spend £30 or more ahead of Christmas you’ll automatically get £5 off your order. Perfect for pressie shopping or personal pampering.
I’ve tried to start doing some outfit posts again too, it’s not very easy though. One of the discs I’m having trouble with is pressing on the nerve that helps control the left side and my left leg is about as cooperative as a plank of wood. I’m getting better at standing though so progress is steady, even if it’s slower than a snail’s pace.
Have your thoughts on skin care and beauty products changed since starting blogging? I’m now a believer of you get what you pay for (mostly) when it comes to skin products- I’ve found them much less likely to irritate my skin.

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  1. Glad to hear that progress is being made.
    I have found some great products through blogging, although my bank balance isn’t happy about it!

  2. As I have gotten older I have taken more care of my skin. (amazing why you do when you see that first wrinkle!) Don’t get me wrong I have always worn moisturiser and body lotion but invest that little bit extra now.

    Hope the back starts to mend soon hun, bet its driving you mad.

    X x

  3. I like your hair cut,so cute 🙂